Pinkishe Movement is a dream, an ever-growing dream, which first rippled in the eyes of a 16 years old schoolgirl, Khyati Gupta, when her teenage eyes noticed something which smote her tiny heart. One day, this chit of a girl was appalled when she saw bloodstains on her maid's daughter's dress. On enquiring, to her utter shock, she discovered that they cannot afford pads, hence they recycle discarded pieces of unhygienic cloth every month.


Heartbroken, Khyati undertook research on the subject on the internet and the study showed that the majority of females in rural India lack the awareness of menstrual hygiene and some even have no option but to resort to using material like cow dung, leaves, sand, etc. That was horrifying. This gave birth to Pinkishe Foundation.

The dream that rippled in the eyes of a tiny girl gradually started getting a firm footing, and slowly, with the robust support of many committed people, the contours of a solid movement became visible. Women kept joining hands and today Pinkishe is a community of over 1.5 Lakh women. It is run by common women who operate from their homes and do voluntary service.


Women in this foundation are common women who have pledged to make a difference in the lives of fellow women and girls. They operate from their homes and contribute their services voluntarily. There is not even a single person in Pinkishe who draws any salary or compensation in any other form.


The foundation aims at supporting women in living life with strength and dignity. The organization is a self-sustained one.  So far there has been no corporate or Government funding.

We, at Pinkishe Foundation, are hopeful of converting our dream of building a better world for females into reality.


All this because a small girl dared to dream big.

about us

Pinkishe Foundation is an ‘All-women’ Non-profit organization headquartered in Delhi-NCR.


Pinkishe has witnessed a growth from just 2 persons to an all-women community of 200,000+ women and 50+ branches across the length and breadth of India in just 18 months. Pinkishe is one of the fastest-growing women organizations in the country. 


We are a section 80G and 12A certified "Registered Trust" focused on the development, well-being, pride, and happiness of the Indian Women and Girl Child. Pinkishe is an ever-growing sorority with scores of common women joining hands every day. The women here come from all walks of life cutting across all socio-economic strata, religions, beliefs and feel confident by choosing to become a proud member of Pinkishe.


We are running multiple programs for the benefit of girls and women, the flagship of them being PadBank, under which we work on spreading Menstrual Hygiene awareness and distributing free reusable sanitary pads to slums and rural areas.

Shalini Gupta

National Secretary General


Some more, some less! Some faster, some slower!

The positive change in the status of women

is visible. They already stand on the threshold of self-assertion demanding rightfully the parity that has eluded their grasp for long enough.

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Pinkishe is a Civil Society Initiative. All our workers including the trustees and the management team are volunteers. We do not have any salaried employees

Pinkishe is an endeavor to motivate the members of the general public to contribute their efforts towards the larger social cause. We work on the belief that every human being is basically good-hearted, socially conscious, and carries positive energy. A collaboration of small efforts by a large population can bring about large and sustainable changes without taxing the existing systems. Pinkishe has been quite successful so far in this belief and the sheer quantum of work we are doing is a self-testimony of the same. 

Therefore, Pinkishe does not look up to the government for granting us funds. Our policy is to augment the efforts of the government by contributing our services to the nation rather than drawing on government resources. 

We generate our funds by taking small contributions from civil society and other institutions. Through our 'Kaagaz Ke Pad' program, we take contributions from the civil society by collecting their old newspapers and other waste and generate money from it. We also accept willful donations. We are also looking at launching programs that can generate income for the women while generating some funds for our social program too. We look up to and call upon the corporate sector of India to help create such opportunities.

We are also a completely non-political organization with no-affiliations with any political party or bodies. We work with and take help from anybody who is willing and supportive of the women's cause.

We believe in only positive contributions to society. So we prefer to keep away from the controversial issues. We remain supportive of and respect the contributions of various activists and organizations who raise fight against anything that is unjust to women. But, while we might have strong supportive opinions of many such issues of importance, we as an organization avoid public activism of controversial nature, unless absolutely necessary, and remain focussed on bringing change through our good work on the ground. We believe different entities of society choose different ways and means to bring about change. We stick to the role that we have chosen for ourselves.

We are a highly compliant organization when it comes to the rules and laws of the land. We do our best to follow the laid out systems. We try to maintain the highest level of transparency especially when it comes to money management. We are in the process of developing a mobile application that will enable our donors to see realtime how their money is being deployed.

Board of Trustees

Arun Gupta

President, Pinkishe Foundation

Arun Gupta is the Founder, Managing Trustee, and full time working President of the Pinkishe Foundation.


Arun Gupta has been a leader, practitioner, and advisor in a multitude of domains and an expert in organizational development and management. In a career spanning over 25 years, Arun held key leadership roles at some of the world’s most renowned companies like Dell Services, Perot Systems, Amdocs, IBM, HCL, Interglobe, and SGS. Arun is a graduate in Electrical Engineering from Aligarh Muslim University. He has various professional certifications and awards to his credit. 

On the call of his 16 years old daughter to work for menstrual hygiene and women empowerment, Arun decided to bid adieu to his professional career and started Pinkishe Foundation. Without any governmental, political or corporate support and no prior social work experience, Arun relied on his passion, good intent, the goodness of people and their inner urge to work for nation-building and started Pinkishe. Starting with just 1 friend, Arun called upon the women of India to support him and work for menstrual hygiene.  They answered his call. Thousands of women joined, and the rest is history!

9818004713 | chair@pinkishe.org

shalini Gupta

secretary gen. , Pinkishe Foundation

Shalini Gupta is the co-founder, trustee, and National Secretary General of the Pinkishe Foundation.


Shalini is an alumnus of Lady Irwin College, New Delhi, and has a degree in education from Annamalai University. She has been serving in the field of education for over 15 years and has been training young kids Abacus and Vedic Maths.


Shalini has been an active social & community worker at the grass-root level. She has been educating underprivileged kids on a regular basis for over 10 years.

Shalini barely knew Arun when he happened to discuss with her his resolve to start Pinkishe. He was tossing the thought to a few women he knew. Working for Menstrual hygiene, a taboo subject, seemed like a huge challenge. But Shalini was taken aback by the statistics Arun shared with her. She rose up to the challenge and committed to the program. Shalini is the backbone of the Pinkishe Foundation and has now dedicated all her time, effort, and resources to Pinkishe Foundation.

vandana Gupta

Vandana Gupta is the Trustee & Treasurer of the Pinkishe Foundation.


Vandana is a Masters in Computer Applications. She has served in the field of Software Development and Project Management with companies like TCS, Amdocs, Perot Systems, and Dell Services for over 15 years.

Vandana now handles the accounts of the Pinkishe Foundation and also manages the Information Technology aspects of the organization. 

treasurer, Pinkishe Foundation

national management team

pallavi shrivastava

Pallavi Shrivastava has a Master's degree in Computer Science Engineering. She has 10+ years of academic as well as corporate experience and 8+ years of Freelancing experience.


Pallavi heads the Padbank program at Pinkishe Foundation.


Pallavi got associated with Pinkishe Foundation as an occasional volunteer. She started participating in & organizing Sanitary Pads collection and distribution camps. Overtime the subject of Menstrual Hygiene and the ground reality moved her to an extent she joined Pinkishe as a full-time volunteer and took up the responsibility of heading Padbank and make it a national movement. 

Her passion for supporting rural women is exemplary. Pinkishe Foundation is proud and thanks her for her selfless service to the nation.

national head padbank

Shweta Rastogi is the Vertical Head for Menstrual Health Education Program under Padbank. Shweta is a seasoned HR professional with approximately 15 years of work experience in the corporate sector. Her last corporate stint was with Tech Mahindra where she led several strategic initiatives as a Group HR Head

In the last few years, Shweta has realized her passion for fitness and started her own Heath Training venture in Delhi NCR, where she is providing fitness training to corporate professionals, homemakers, senior citizens, and children. 



debanjana batra

Debanjana Batra heads the Pink Circle - which is an All India women club. She also handles the responsibility of special projects or new initiatives that Pinkishe undertakes time to time. She also heads the Kolkata branch of Pinkishe Foundation.


Debanjana is a commerce graduate with a diploma in journalism. Her motto is to spread the message of humanity, love and compassion far and wide and to fight against all evils contaminating our beautiful world. She is an avid animal lover. The heritage and culture of different communities around the world invokes great interest in her. 

She believes that Pinkishe Foundation gives her a platform to realize her dream of making this world a better place to live in.

national head - special projects

madhvi moolwani

Madhvi Moolwani is the National Head of IT related services for Pinkishe Foundation.


Madhvi is an B.Tech in Information Technology Engg. She has having healthy experience in website and mobile application development. She is running her Homemade Chocolate startup 'MacsByMadhvi' for the past one year via Instagram and Facebook

national head - information technology

deepali tanwar

Deepali Tanwar is the National Leader for Brand Connect.

Deepali is an architect by qualification and runs an independent design and architecture company.

national head - brand connect

seema gupta

Seema Gupta is the National Leader for Partnerships & Affiliations.

Seema is an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. She is skilled in Negotiation, HR Consulting, Executive Search, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Technical Recruiting. She is a strong business development professional with a MBA focused in HR from Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad

Seema runs an independent staffing & resourcing company and provides services to a multitude of large and medium sized companies.

national head -  affiliations

9810275599 | seema@pinkishe.org


Anchal is a seasoned HR professional with close to 9years of work experience in the HR vertical.


She has been supporting team in managing their performance and supporting them to perform their best.


She completed her MBA from ICFAI Bangalore and English honours from Punjab University. Through Pinkishe she aims to create an informed and supportive environment for women

national head - HUMAN RESOURCE


I am Avani Shikha Tripathi, work experience of approx 12 years as a Graphic Designer & Video Production professional.


Currently working in a leading Accenture technology as Design & Production Lead.


I have a experience of working in Media, advertising, animation & IT industry, My life compile of 3D's Discipline, DESIGN & Dance.

I love my profession, would love to contribute to the society in any way I can.

national head - CREATIVE


I am Ekta Kapoor and i work full time in a corporate set up with 9+ years of experience. 

I am working with Pinkishe Foundation to handle their official Instagram account and i am really looking forward to be a part of Pinkishe

national head - SOCIAL MEDIA

9999564172 | ekapoor91@gmail.com


Anindita Chaudhary is associated with Pinkishe since 2017. Currently she is Co-Leader Facebook Forum & President Kolkata branch of Pinkishe Foundaton.

She is an educator and a social worker. She has served many reputed institutions such as Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology ( Majitar, Sikkim ) , Faculty of Higher Secondary School (Amingaon , Guwahati) , Happy Child High School (Guwahati , Assam) as a successful faculty of English & communicaton skills.

She has published a few reference books in English for high school level syllabi of Assam Secondary Board of Education. She has also been associated with British council.



Reema Jain has an amazing exprience of diversified fields but connected. She holds a master's degree in English. post graduate diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics , post graduate diploma in Personnel management & Industrial Relations and last but not the least BPed.

She has 17+ years of corporate as well as academic experience. She worked with reputed brands like VLCC and hospitals , fitness  centers and school of high repute.

She had organized workshops, ramp shows , summer camps and delivered training to many upcoming Slimming Centers.She has been actively involved with Pinkishe Foundation from 2.5 years. She is handling Admin and Membership Process

national head - MEMBERSHIP


Ruchi Jain synonym to fitness is a Diadem Mrs. India body beautiful 2019 award winner, Epitome of fitness award by wonder women connect in 2019, Youth fitness facilitator, Certified Zumba Coach, Model, Yoga follower and a Marathon runner, a member of Special Potential Batch of Shiamak in which she has been given performances along with Bollywood stars Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor, Aditi Rao, and Vani Kapoor.


She has been featured in lifestyle Magazine for her unique style. Her name was in Newspaper when she did the fundraising event for Autistic Children also been on NDTV news channel on a discussion for a Rape case.


She has given performances including raising funds for the social cause. With her efforts, many youngsters have achieved their fitness and goals. Spreading Happiness and Fitness is her Motto. 

national HEAD - PINK TALK

Dr. Meenakshi Gupta is heading the Pinkishe Community of over 150,000 women living across and outside India.


Dr. Gupta is a practising homoeopath for over 20 years.

Dr. Meenakshi GUPTA

national head - pinkishe community



9772202220 | noushsingh@gmail.com

Anushka has worked at a reputed school in Jaipur as a Post-Graduate Teacher in English. Along with increasing responsibility and authority in her role, within a year, she led the editorial group of the school driving out the school newsletters and magazine. She was later assigned the post of an ISA coordinator, which she managed to carry out efficiently, which also won her a prestigious ISA Award for the year 2017 – 2020.


She brings a wealth of knowledge in the area of organising public speaking and creative writing workshops. Her passion for writing has driven her to author a book – “Fall of a Bride: Soul Calling”, which is the work of fiction, romance, and contemporary.


Anushka’s area of interest focuses on writing effective and valuable stories that leave a lasting impression and encourage a change in the entire system. She believes in bringing to light prevalent malpractices and deeds of immorality through inspirational messages. 


© 2017-2020 PINKISHE FOUNDATION. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Pinkishe is a registered trust in India. Pinkishe logo and trademark are protected.

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