Eco-friendly Sustainable Period Care

Pink Pad is Pinkishe Foundation's eco-friendly initiative, crafting reusable cotton cloth pads as a healthier and sustainable alternative to disposable sanitary pads

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The Problem

Addressing the pressing environmental challenge of sanitary waste, highlighting the urgent need for sustainable menstrual products.

12.3 billion

sanitary pads are accumulated in landfills annually.

  • Central Pollution Control Board report 2018-19

377 tonnes

of sanitary pads waste is generated daily

  • Central Pollution Control Board report 2018-19

500 years

is required for the plastic in pads to decompose. 


of all solid municipal waste is accounted for by sanitary pads

  • CSE, 2022

Solutions Provided

Driving change with reusable products, hygiene education, and awareness to ensure a greener, healthier future.

Reusable cloth pad distribution
Menstrual hygiene education
Eco-friendly pad alternatives
Waste reduction strategies
Pinktalk Solution
Community awareness campaigns
Plastic-free period products
Sustainable menstrual practices
Empowerment and inclusivity initiatives
Pinktalk Overview

Program Overview

PinkPad focuses on producing and distributing reusable cloth menstrual pads, supporting underserved girls and women. This sustainable initiative promotes women's health, and well-being while minimizing environmental impact through eco-friendly alternatives. By eradicating menstrual stigma, it creates a positive, extensive impact on women's lives and the environment, contributing to waste reduction and fostering a more inclusive and empowered society


Program’s Objectives

Aiming for a greener future with objectives centered on health, empowerment, and eco-friendly menstrual solution.


To provide reusable menstrual pads, supporting sustainable hygiene for underserved girls and women.


To promote women's health through eco-friendly alternatives, ensuring well-being and environmental mindfulness.


To eliminate menstrual stigma, fostering inclusivity and awareness for societal advancement and acceptance.


To reduce environmental impact, advocating for reusable pads to minimize waste and pollution.


To empower women's lives through affordable menstrual products, fostering economic independence and empowerment.


To advance an inclusive society, addressing menstruation challenges, promoting health, and sustainability for empowerment.

Theory Of Change

PinkPad's commitment lies in revolutionizing menstrual hygiene for underserved communities. Through sustainable practices, empowerment, and awareness, it aims to transform lives and environments positively.

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Project Components

Building a foundation for change with key components starting from production to education and empowerment, all aimed at sustainable menstrual health.

Production and Design

Distribution Network

Community Education

Health and Well-being Initiatives

Environmental Sustainability

Stigma Eradication Campaigns

Empowerment Programs

Impact Evaluation

SDGs Supported

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3rd SDG

Good Health and Well-being: The program promotes women's health and well-being by advocating sustainable menstrual hygiene practices, ultimately contributing to better health outcomes.

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5th SDG

By empowering women through access to menstrual hygiene products, education, and economic opportunities, the program contributes to advancing gender equality.

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12th SDG

Through the production and distribution of reusable menstrual pads, the program supports sustainable consumption patterns and promotes responsible production practices, reducing waste generation.

Impact Numbers

impact cap

SanitaryPads distributed so far

Meet The Leader

Meet our PinkPad leader, dedicated to transforming menstrual health with innovative and eco-friendly approaches.

Anindita Choudhury
Program Director





The reusable pads which are given to us are very comfortable, earlier ladies used to get infection from using clothes, but after using these pads, they don’t suffer anymore. I love it so much that I don’t even get the urge to use any other alternative. The problem of leakage has also been resolved and now I can attend weddings and any other function easily which I used to avoid earlier during periods. Many women in our area now use these pads. We anticipate getting more of these pads and we also want more women and girls to use it. The cost of getting pads which was 25 rupees has also been cut after switching to reusable pads.




We had to use cloth during our periods because of which we used to face so much difficulty as we had to clean the cloth and for drying we had to hide it somewhere for no one to see, we had to hide it from the people and our family but now we are in relief because of Pinkishe’s pad distribution effort, now we don’t have to hide anything, we are able to avoid blood stains, thus, we are very happy for providing us pads and we want to thank everyone in Pinkishe for providing us this support.

Anushka Gupta

Anushka Gupta

Volunteer leader at Sampark Sathi Foundation

Pinkishe Foundation has been a game-changer in advocating for menstrual hygiene awareness and tackling period poverty. Their dedication to empowering individuals through education and access to hygiene products, including the Pinkpad initiative, is truly commendable. As a volunteer leader, I have worked with my team in this initiative, and I've witnessed firsthand the impactful change they bring to communities, breaking stigma and providing essential support. Pinkishe Foundation's work is vital, making a tangible difference in countless lives. It's been a profound journey with Pinkishe Foundation, empowering and advocating for menstrual awareness, hygiene, and combating period poverty. Their commitment to destigmatizing menstruation while providing essential resources, such as the Pinkpad initiative, has been inspirational. Witnessing the positive impact on individuals' lives, especially in marginalized communities, has been immensely fulfilling. Pinkishe Foundation, dedicated to eradicating period poverty through education and accessible resources, embodies the essence of societal change. It's an honor to be part of an organization that passionately strives to ensure menstrual dignity for all, fostering a more inclusive and equitable future.

What People Say...

Menstrual health and hygiene encompasses the availability and proper management of sanitary knowledge for women and girls during menstruation.

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