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PinkTalk hosts empowering conversations on menstruation and women's empowerment, fostering a community enriched by expert insights.

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The Problem

Unveiling societal challenges and fostering open dialogue on PinkTalk, igniting conversations for impactful solutions and collective progress.

Inadequate Menstrual Health Information

Limited reliable resources and open discussions about menstruation and women's health

Societal Taboos and Misinformation

Persistent stigma and misinformation surrounding menstrual health and women's empowerment

Lack of Supportive Community

Absence of a platform for women to share and learn from experiences in menstrual health

Need for Expert Guidance

Deficiency in expert-led conversations to challenge misconceptions and educate women about menstruation

Solutions Provided

Empowering voices, sparking discussions, and championing solutions on PinkTalk, paving the way for positive change and inclusive perspectives.

Inspiring Live Talk Shows
Diverse Range of Expertise
Dynamic Engagement for Women
Inclusive Approach to Women's Empowerment
Pinktalk Solution
Enriched Content from Expert Voices
Supportive Community Building
Knowledge Impartation and Motivation
Empowerment and Learning

Conversations that Empower Women

Pinktalk Overview

Program Overview

PinkTalk, an initiative of Pinkishe Foundation, is a virtual platform dedicated to empowering women through engaging conversations about menstruation and women's empowerment. It addresses key issues like societal taboos, misinformation, and the lack of reliable information. By fostering a community where experiences and expert insights are shared, PinkTalk aims to educate, motivate, and dispel myths, thereby nurturing a supportive environment for discussing and understanding menstrual health.


Program’s Objectives

Elevating voices and fostering understanding, PinkTalk aims to spark impactful conversations and drive positive change through open dialogue and inclusivity.


To provide a platform for open, informative discussions on menstrual health and women's empowerment.


To challenge and change societal taboos and misconceptions about menstruation.


To disseminate reliable and accurate information regarding menstrual health.


To foster a supportive community for women to share and learn from each other's experiences.


To engage experts for insights and guidance in menstrual health education.


To empower women through knowledge, thereby enhancing their confidence and understanding of menstrual health.

Theory Of Change

The PinkTalk project's theory of change centers on empowering women through open dialogues and comprehensive education. By hosting engaging talk shows, we create a supportive space where women can share experiences and insights. Through the conversations and discussions, we envision a cascading effect of empowerment, fostering a community where shared wisdom and experiences become catalysts for positive change, ultimately fortifying the women's empowerment movement.

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Project Components

Discover the foundational elements of PinkTalk, where candid conversations, diverse voices, and transformative ideas converge to inspire change and foster understanding.

Content Creation and Curation

Planning and Execution

Interactive Features Implementation

Guest Management

Partnerships and Collaborations

Community Building

Analytics and Feedback Mechanisms

SDGs Supported

PinkTalk supports SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-being) by fostering discussions on women's health, including topics like menstrual hygiene, self-defense, and overall well-being. Through expert insights and community engagement, PinkTalk contributes to raising awareness, imparting knowledge, and promoting practices that enhance women's health, aligning with the objectives of SDG 3 for better health and well-being.

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Meet The Leader

Get acquainted with the leader spearheading PinkTalk, fostering open dialogues and driving societal transformation through inclusive conversations.

Anupama Ghosh
Associate Director


BK Yeshu

BK Yeshu

BK sister at ORC, Gurgaon

Dear Divine Brothers and Sisters, Greetings of peace! I was fortunate to be a part of Pinkishe foundation and really happy to see outstanding work done by the team. The PinkTalk session organised by them on different topics are very enlightening and helpful to women.It's the best way to connect with people around you. Pinkishe Foundation is impacting society in a very positive manner. Wishing you loads of good wishes and success.

Charu Sharma Dubey

Charu Sharma Dubey

Senior Dermatologist @ Clinic Skin Solutions Vasant kunj

Pinkishe Foundation has been working tirelessly on a very taboo subject of menstrual health in India for a few years. It is a subject neglected not just by women themselves but also by society, health care system and administration for decades. It is one of the most important aspects of physical, mental, psychological and emotional well being of young girls and women and Pinkishe is doing commendable work in all aspects of this subject. I have been lucky to be associated with the organization and spreading skin and health aspects of women's health and I look forward to contributing more to the cause. Wishing them the very best for their future endeavors.

Ms. Shashi Jain

Ms. Shashi Jain

Image Consultant, Soft Skills Trainer & life coach

My journey with Pinkishe Foundation started with a session on Dining Etiquette & Table manners in the Pink Talk series. It was a great experience sharing my views and learnings & emphasizing the importance of etiquette, good manners & basic respect in all aspects and walks of life . Pinkishe Foundation is a non-profitable organization working for the welfare of women focusing more so in the space of menstrual hygiene & its awareness. They are doing commendable work in the fields of health, education and livelihood programs to empower the women fraternity. My good wishes and support is always there with Mr.Arun Gupta, Shalini Gupta, Ruchi Jain and the entire team who is part of this beautiful cause. Thanks for making me part of the family. I would look forward to adding value so that it benefits and touches as many lives as possible.

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Pinkishe Foundation is actively working towards improving menstrual health and reducing menstrual inequality by providing menstrual care facilities to those in need.

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Menstrual health and hygiene encompasses the availability and proper management of sanitary knowledge for women and girls during menstruation.

Bring Change At All Levels

Igniting change across all fronts, PinkTalk empowers individuals to drive societal transformation through inclusive dialogue and actionable initiatives.