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Thousands of Women have stood up and started padbank to normalize menstruation and end period poverty
Savitri Rana
Is one of such volunteer leaders of Pinkishe, who is working to change the menstrual health and hygiene situation in her village Karzi, North Sikkim.
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Pinkishe members come from all walks of life, cutting across all social barriers and contributing according to their abilities. We are a happy place.
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200 Million Women
Menstruation is still a social stigma in India. It is a subject that is not openly discussed and results in serious social and individual issues.
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Quit school
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Help Create a World Where Menstruation is No Longer a Taboo
Pinkishe Foundation is on a mission to end period poverty, normalize menstruation, and promote menstrual literacy.
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A gift of Rs. 1000 gets a rural girl a menstrual health & hygiene literacy session and eco-friendly period products to take care of her menstrual health for minimum two years.

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As the globally trusted charity foundation, our motto is to support women in living life with strength and dignity.

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Menstrual Health and Hygiene Crisis

The issue of menstrual hygiene management (MHM) and practices among adolescent females is a pressing matter. Research indicates that over 50% of the girls employ inadequate MHM, and rural regions exhibit a higher prevalence compared to urban areas.

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Over 355 Million

Women & girls in India experience menstruation, but millions still face barriers to proper menstrual hygiene management.

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Over 23%

Young adolescent girls in India are forced out of school permanently as soon as they start menstruating.


Breaking The Menstrual Inequality

Amitabh Bachchan supports Pinkishe in closing the menstrual gap

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Pinkishe Foundation Launches 'Project Kishori' to Raise Menstrual Hygiene Awareness
Pinkishe Foundation Launches 'Project Kishori' to Raise Menstrual Hygiene Awareness

Pinkishe Foundation has been at the forefront of raising awareness about menstrual hygiene among schoolgirls and women for the past seven years. Continuing its efforts, the foundation, in collaboration with P&G Whisper, has launched 'Project Kishori.' This initiative focuses on conducting awareness sessions on menstrual health and hygiene through street plays in government schools across Meerut, Baghpat, Bulandshahr, and Hapur, reaching out to 600 participants. Under the Kishori Project, Pinkishe Foundation successfully organized awareness campaigns in villages and schools in the Pareetgarh, Rohata, and Rajpura blocks of Meerut. The street plays portrayed the utility of sanitary pads in a relatable and engaging manner. Instead of embarrassment, confidence sparkled in the eyes of women and schoolgirls. They were pleased to find solutions to their menstrual-related concerns. School teachers and principals also appreciated the initiative and extended their full support. Through Project Kishori, Pinkishe Foundation aims to reach out to schoolgirls and women who find menstruation uncomfortable due to ignorance and superstitions surrounding this natural process. Rajrani Sharma, the leader of Pinkishe Foundation's Meerut branch, and Poonam Rana, the project manager of Project Kishori, provided ample support in implementing this program in Meerut. This unique and commendable initiative continues to make a positive impact by educating and empowering women and girls about menstrual hygiene.

Women Power Pays Tribute to CRPF Soldiers' Sacrifice
Women Power Pays Tribute to CRPF Soldiers' Sacrifice

The Pinkish Foundation organized 'Women 2019' event in Noida, with Amar Ujala as the media partner. There are various forms of women, and each form tells a different story. If it is power-form, it is also affectionate. Its glimpse was seen in the 'Nari 2019' event organized at the Garden Galleria Mall located in Sector-38 on Saturday. The first day of this two-day event organized by the Pinkish Foundation also featured cultural activities, counseling sessions, and discussions, along with stalls for clothes and decorative items. The program began with two minutes of silence in memory of the CRPF jawans martyred in the terrorist attack in Pulwama. The Pinkish Foundation installed a 150-foot canvas in memory of the martyrs, where hundreds of women imprinted their handprints. Donation boxes were also placed at the venue. Initially, the amount collected in these donation boxes was kept for use in the Pinkish sanitary pad bank branch, but after the Pulwama incident, the decision was taken to give this amount to the widows of the martyrs. The Hindi version of the Pinkish magazine was also released. Shalu Tuteja, President of the North Delhi Branch of the Foundation, said that this program was giving you an opportunity to see many forms of women on one platform. Pakhi magazine's editor Datta said that along with the program, women were also enjoying shopping at the stalls. In the program, poet Dr. Praveen Shukl, Dr. Harish Aroda, Vineet Chauhan, Dr. Kirti Kale, Pinkish President Arun Gupta, Secretary Shalini Gupta, and others were also present. Cultural performances and dance presentations at the event won people's hearts. A group of 35 youth from Vadodara presented a performance of Gandharva Dhol Tasha Pathak, named after the drum performance. Vipin Kumar sang verses. 'My Life Woman Band' presented a song on the topic of protecting girl child. The Asmita group staged street plays titled 'Dastak and Mard'. Nrityangan Shobhana Narayan presented various aspects of women through dance. Children from MT International and Khetan Public School also presented captivating performances.

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Women Icon Awards 2024
SVP Fast Pitch Audience Choice Award
Mahatma Award 2022
Facebook Accelerator 2021
Asia Book of Records
 India Book of Records

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Izeen Fatima

I have had the pleasure to collaborate with Pinkishe Foundation three times now. I believe I have learnt the most in these sessions and especially from Shalini maam, I look at her and see a mentor figure. The learnings I have taken from these collaborations is something I implement everywhere. Pinkishe is doing wonderful work in reaching the beneficiaries of all remote sections of India.

Izeen Fatima
Chairperson, Pink Legal Ibtida
Nirmish Thaker

Ms. Shalini Gupta Ji gave me the good news of joy and pride that Pinkishe has entered its 5th year and is going to publish the Annual Report 2020-21. I am proud of this organization, I already believe that Pinkishe is an ongoing movement and type of revolution for women, it is unique. In 2019 my 'Caricature Exhibition of 101 Celebrated Women' was held in its Mega Event 'Festival NAARI - 2019' and got a lot of praise. I have also been a judge in 'VEER JAWAN - 2020 All India Poster Making Contest'. As soon as my column 'Caricature of Women Personalities' was published in Pinkishe magazine, I started getting praise for many great talents like Kiran Bedi Ji. Such sweet memories are still emerging in my mind. May God also support you for your wonderful future successes.

Nirmish Thaker
Ace Cartoonist
Hemlata Rawat

In my spontaneous exploration of NGOs championing Menstrual Hygiene Management awareness, I fortuitously discovered the remarkable Pinkishe Foundation. The pleasure of interacting with their team was unparalleled, given their grounded nature and exceptional grasp of period poverty challenges. Their laudable commitment to impactful awareness sessions and tireless efforts to alleviate period poverty in marginalized communities are truly commendable. I extend my heartfelt admiration and best wishes to the Pinkishe Foundation for their outstanding dedication to this crucial cause.

Hemlata Rawat
Project Coordinator, PHIA Foundation
Prem Prakash Ashra

Pinkishe Foundation's prompt and generous response to the needs of underprivileged individuals to fight period poverty reflects a genuine commitment to social impact. Your contribution goes far beyond the tangible provision of sanitary pads, menstrual hygiene and awareness and training of volunteers to take sessions; it extends to preserving the dignity and well-being of those who often struggle to access such basic necessities. You make sure you are reaching out to the last mile beneficiary and never say 'NO' for people who genuinely need support. Your unwavering support as our NGO partner has played a pivotal role in Sampark Sathi Foundation's mission to empower underprivileged communities. The generosity you've consistently demonstrated by providing sanitary pads whenever the demand arose from the slum communities has been truly remarkable. Your commitment to addressing a fundamental need with such dedication has not only filled a critical gap but has also touched the lives of countless individuals in a profound way. Thank you for being more than a partner – thank you for being a beacon of hope and support. We look forward to continuing this journey together and making an even greater impact on the communities we serve.

Prem Prakash Ashra
Co-Founder & CEO, Sampark Saathi Foundation
Kathy Walkling

We are proud partners of Pinkishe Foundation since September 2021. We have supported them in their menstrual health programme with training in how to deliver menstrual health education and freely provided 3383 adolescent girls from low income backgrounds with cloth pad kits which the trained facilitators at Pinkishe offer along with a class on menstrual health. We have greatly appreciated the quality and sincerity with which they do their work. they are fully accountable as partners reporting in a timely manner and responsive. It is a pleasure to be associated with them and we look forward to a long and impactful association in the years to come.

Kathy Walkling
Co founder and outreach programme team leader at Eco Femme
Dr. Smitha Bhandare Kamat

Congratulations on the successful completion of 5 years. In these five years the number of lives transformed is equally commendable. Reaching out to the underprivileged and marginalized section selflessly to create menstruation hygiene awareness as well as provide them with sanitary napkins braving all forms of odds be it financial or non financial needs to be appreciated. This determination even during the pandemic times was not dented. Every woman is encouraged, appreciated and inspired to ‘accept and believe’ in herself to move on and pursue her dreams. I’m proud to be associated with the Foundation and wish all the very best.

Dr. Smitha Bhandare Kamat
Associate Professor, S.S.Dempo College of Commerce and Economics, Goa
Rwitama Khastagir

Working with Pinkishe has been a fantastic experience. Over the past 4-5 years, Give and Pinkishe have collaborated on many projects raising awareness of menstrual health & hygiene among young girls. The organisation is led by a small team of passionate and committed individuals with high principles. Words are not enough for how humble and accommodating the team has been for every request that I have put forward. I truly wish Pinkishe all the success, awards and accolades in the world. And I will never miss an opportunity to work with Pinkishe in the years to come and help them reach new heights.

Rwitama Khastagir
Senior Associate, Impact delivery-Give Grants
Col. DV Nehra

I had an opportunity to attend few programmes of Pinkishe Foundation in Hisar (Haryana) while Commanding 1Har R&V Sqn NCC in LUVAS Hisar during 2017-19 wherein I found that the Pinkishe Team is doing a great job regarding menstrual health of girls. Their personal devotion, sincerity & dedication for this social service is exemplary & I wish them all the best for their future endeavors.

Col. DV Nehra
Commanding Officer
Mr. Vishnu Vijayan

Pinkishe has been exemplary in their approach of sensitizing the society through their initiatives. University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun takes pride in associating with Pinkishe and are grateful for the experiences that our students had while volunteering for their organization.

Mr. Vishnu Vijayan
Assistant Manager- Social Internships, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun
Dr. Abhishek Srivastava

As a Management Faculty, I feel glad to get associated with PINKISHE FOUNDATION as they are doing wonders into the field of general awareness & social Service. The entire team of PINKISHE seems synchronized and attuned towards different roles and responsibilities. Here I congratulate the entire team for their seamless efforts into the Nation Building Process!!!

Dr. Abhishek Srivastava
Associate Professor, G N S University, Rohtas
Dr. Charu Sharma Dubey

Pinkishe Foundation has been working tirelessly on a very taboo subject of menstrual health in India for a few years. It is a subject neglected not just by women themselves but also by society, health care system and administration for decades. It is one of the most important aspect of physical, mental, psychological and emotional well being of young girls and women and Pinkishe is doing commendable work in all aspects of this subject. I have been lucky to be associated with the organization and spreading skin and health aspects of women's health and I look forward to contribute more to the cause. Wishing them the very best for the future endeavors.

Dr. Charu Sharma Dubey
Senior Dermatologist, Clinic Skin Solutions, Vasant kunj
Dr. Ajeya Jha

"Weakness is the only sin". Empowerment hence is the only salvation. We are honourbound to empower any and every one. Girls across the globe need empowerment and Pinkishe as an organizatin, brings a smile in our face because of their conviction and commitment that girls even from the most downtrodden part of the society can be empowered and in the process empower the entire society. Best wishes to them for a glorious future.

Dr. Ajeya Jha
Professor, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology
Reena Charles

Feeling grateful and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it. Hence, at the outset I place on record my gratitude and appreciation to the Pinkishe Foundation and the entire team. God's abundant graces be upon them for all the great work done by them. I cannot forget the great service and aid they provided to the inmates of PHILOMENA'S PARADISE by providing medicines and provisions....which was the need of the hour during the corona pandemic. We are all called to be angels on earth and our deeds indeed should be divine. Pinkishe Foundation has a group of angels, they are blessed to be a blessing for others.

Reena Charles
Chairperson, Ek Ehsaas Foundation ( EEF), Delhi
Neeraj Gera

It was a pleasure to interact with Mr Arun Gupta while I was a guest speaker at the PinkTalks event. He is certainly a selfless soul. Since we both are working on menstrual hygiene management, I could connect with his vision for women suffering due to poor menstrual hygiene. Pinkshie is doing amazing work on grassroot level & I would like to congratulate the entire Pinkshie Team for making this happen. Humanify Foundation & I will be available for any such association for Arun ji’s visionary endeavors, to make this world a happier place to live.

Neeraj Gera
Founder, Humanify Foundation
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.Org Impact Award
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Pinkishe Foundation Receives Gold Certification from Give!
Pinkishe and P&G Complete 600 MHHM Sessions in UP
P&G partners with Pinkishe Foundation for ‘ The Kishori Project’. Under the project, objective ...
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