Building a brighter world with acts of compassion

Punya Kalash encourages public altruism, fostering kindness and social responsibility, motivating good deeds for a more compassionate society.

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The Problem

These challenges underline our mission to enhance social engagement and nurture a culture deeply rooted in empathy and kindness.

Limited Public Engagement in Social Good

Inadequate participation in social good activities, hindering widespread community involvement and positive impact.

Lack of Promoted Culture of Empathy

Insufficient promotion of empathy and kindness, affecting the societal cultivation of compassion and altruism.

Reduced Sense of Social Responsibility

Diminished awareness and engagement in social responsibility, hindering active involvement in community welfare.

Limited Awareness of Kindness Impact

Lack of awareness about the profound impact of small acts of kindness on societal well-being and positive change.

Solutions Provided

Our initiative confronts the critical need for greater community connection and the cultivation of empathy and responsibility.

Community Engagement Campaigns
Promotion of Empathy Culture
Empowerment Workshops
Kindness Impact Awareness Programs
Good Deeds Recognition Platforms
Partnerships for Social Good
Skill-Building Initiatives
Interactive Community Events
Punya Overview

Program Overview

Punya Kalash, a Pinkishe Foundation initiative, embodies the philosophy of accumulating goodwill through acts of kindness and societal contribution. The term 'Punya Kalash' metaphorically represents a vessel of virtue, filled by individual good deeds. This program encourages community members to actively participate in benevolent activities, fostering a culture of empathy and mutual care. It highlights the impact of each compassionate act, reinforcing the significance of building a compassionate society where helping others is a collective commitment.


Program’s Objectives

Driving a shift towards increased empathy, social engagement, and understanding the profound effects of collective kindness.


To foster empathy and care through collective acts of kindness.


To amplify awareness of the impact of individual compassion in society.


To symbolize individual good deeds as part of a larger collective virtue.


To encourage active participation in nurturing a culture of mutual support


To emphasize the significance of community care and shared commitment.


To cultivate a culture where helping others is a collective societal goal.

Theory Of Change

Punya Kalash by Pinkishe Foundation aims to foster empathy, inspire individual acts of kindness, and create a collective culture of care. Through diverse initiatives, it aims to build a compassionate society, nurturing mutual support and understanding.

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SDGs Supported

Reduced Inequalities: Through recognition platforms, partnership collaborations, and education initiatives, the program aims to reduce disparities and promote a more inclusive society, aligning with SDG 10.

Meet The Leader

Get to know the force behind Punya Kalash, whose leadership is molding a more caring and connected community.

Manasi Jalan
Project Head

Photo Gallery

Capturing moments of kindness: The Punya Kalash gallery showcases our journey of empathy and support.