Cancellation and Refund Policy


The purpose of this document is to outline Pinkishe Foundation's policy regarding donations received. It aims to ensure transparency and maintain trust with its donors, emphasising the importance of every contribution towards its mission.


Pinkishe Foundation appreciates the generosity and support of the community in its efforts to promote menstrual health and hygiene across India. Donations play a crucial role in the Foundation's efforts to educate and provide resources to women and girls nationwide. This policy informs donors about Pinkishe Foundation's stance on donations, including accidental donations and refund/cancellation requests.

Policy Statement:

  1. Non-Refundability or Cancellation : Once a donation is made to Pinkishe Foundation, it is immediately allocated to the Foundation's projects and initiatives. As such, Pinkishe Foundation maintains a strict policy of non-refundability and cancellation for all donations to ensure that generosity is put into action without delay.
  2. Accidental Donations : Pinkishe Foundation understands that errors can occur, such as incorrect donation amounts or accidental duplicate donations. While the Foundation empathizes with these situations, it is unable to offer refunds. Donors are encouraged to double-check their donation amounts before proceeding.
  3. Tax Receipts and Acknowledgements : Donors will receive acknowledgment of their donations for tax purposes, detailing the necessary information for tax deduction claims.
  4. Designated Donations : Donations specified for particular projects are honored as requested. Should a project be fully funded, discontinued, or unable to proceed, donors will be contacted for redirection of their contribution.
  5. Management Discretion on Donations : Should any donation be deemed unidentified or suspicious, the management at Pinkishe Foundation reserves the exclusive right to refund such donations at its discretion. This decision-making authority is solely reserved for the management, emphasizing the foundation's commitment to ethical practices and financial integrity.
  6. Privacy Policy : The privacy and security of donor information are paramount. Personal and financial information is protected in accordance with our privacy policy.
  7. Data Retention : Pinkishe Foundation does not collect personal data beyond what is required by law
  8. Grievance Redressal : Grievance Redressal: Donors with concerns or grievances are encouraged to reach out to our team. We are committed to resolving issues transparently and efficiently.

Note :
This policy is subject to change as the organization deems fit, and employees and donors will be notified of changes as they occur. It is also essential to note that this policy is intended to be in compliance with the laws and regulations of India. Pinkishe Foundation commits to adhering to all legal requirements while ensuring that donations are used effectively and responsibly to advance its mission.