Cultivating Period Educators

Sakhi nurtures a force of menstrual educators, passionately dedicated to equipping school girls with essential knowledge and empowerment through comprehensive menstrual education.


The Problem

Unveiling the hidden challenges surrounding menstruation, shedding light on disparities, and advocating for change through Sakhi.

23 million School Girls

drop out of school annually after they start their periods

  • Dasra, 2014

71% of adolescent girls

remain unaware of menstruation till their first period

  • Dasra, 2014

56% Urban School Girls

faced medical issues like rashes, itching, and fungal infection attributable to improper menstrual hygiene

  • Pinkishe Survey Report, 2020

1 in 2 Urban School Girls

claimed to have faced social taboos and discrimination at their home on account of menstruation (Pikishe Survey Report, 2020)

  • Pinkishe Survey Report, 2020

Solutions Provided

Empowering communities with knowledge, resources, and support to redefine menstrual narratives and foster inclusive environment.

Formation of Sakhi Educators
Production of IEC Materials
Regular Awareness Workshops
Accessible Menstrual Products
Menstrual Health Counseling
Community Engagement Programs
Peer-to-Peer Education
Improved Sanitation Facilities

Educating for Change

Program Overview

The Sakhi program, spanning urban to rural India, motivates and trains schoolteachers and women as Menstrual Health Educators (MHEs) to teach schoolgirls about menstrual health. It includes creating Sakhi Educators, producing educational materials, conducting workshops, providing menstrual products, offering health counselling, and improving sanitation facilities. This initiative breaks the menstruation taboo, ensuring girls are well-informed and prepared, fostering a confident, enlightened generation.


Program’s Objectives

Contribute to breaking down societal stigmas surrounding menstruation by normalizing conversations.


To collaborate with schools across various regions for Sakhi program participation.


To certify community members as Menstrual Educators within the Pinkishe network.


To educate schoolgirls on menstrual health through expert Certified Menstrual Educators.


To create lasting support and outreach in schools for thorough menstrual understanding.


To collaborate with schools across various regions for Sakhi program participation.


To nurture an informed, self-assured generation with early menstrual health education.

Theory Of Change

The Sakhi program's theory of change centers on meeting the immediate needs of women and girls while instigating lasting transformation in menstrual hygiene practices. By supplying sanitary pads, we enable hygienic period management, ensuring regular school attendance and unrestricted pursuit of aspirations. Through educational sessions and awareness campaigns, our goal is to dismantle menstrual taboos, fostering empowerment that empowers women to assert control over their health and well-being.

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Project Components

Delve into Sakhi's diverse components, driving impactful change through education, training, community involvement, and advocacy efforts.

Strategic School Partnerships

Educator Certification and Training

Comprehensive Menstrual Education for Girls

School-Based Support and Outreach Systems

Community Engagement and Empowerment

Program Monitoring and Impact Evaluation

Resource Development and Distribution

SDGs Supported

pink arc

The Sakhi program aids SDG 3 by educating girls on menstrual health and establishing supportive infrastructure, thus preventing school dropouts and enhancing overall well-being

pink arc

Sakhi program advances SDG 5 by empowering female teachers as Certified Menstrual Educators, ensuring gender equality in menstrual health education, and breaking cultural barriers surrounding menstruation.

pink arc
clean water

Pinkishe Foundation contributes to SDG 6 through Sakhi by creating sustainable outreach in schools, ensuring clean water and sanitation facilities, and fostering menstrual hygiene for girls nationwide.

Impact Numbers

impact cap

Certified Menstrual Educators created

impact cap

School Girls Trained

Meet The Leader

Meet the visionary driving Sakhi's mission forward, leading with passion, dedication, and a commitment to menstrual health equity.

Poonam Rana
Program Director

From The Teachers

Asha Chauhan

Asha Chauhan

Menstrual Educator

I'm Asha Chauhan, an educationist, teacher trainer, writer, and social worker. I am immensely delighted and privileged to be associated with the Pinkishe Organisation as a Menstrual Educator. Pinkishe, an extremely committed and passionate group, has provided me with a platform to reach out, connect, and educate girls and women of different strata of society. I regularly conduct menstrual training sessions with a scientific approach and empathetic attitude to break taboos, provide accurate and relevant information about periods, and promote menstrual hygiene practices. My association with this wonderful group has broadened my outlook. I feel gratified and happy to get fully immersed and absorbed into joyful productivity.

Rajrani Sharma

Rajrani Sharma

Menstrual Educator

I'm Rajrani Sharma, a teacher with the Basic Education Department in Meerut. Six years ago, I joined Pinkishe Foundation, driven by a concern I observed in our schools: the lower attendance of girls, largely due to menstrual issues. Since becoming a part of Pinkishe, I've witnessed and contributed to remarkable efforts in improving menstrual health awareness among schoolgirls. Today, I'm proud to see a significant increase in the number of girls attending school and a heightened awareness among them about menstrual health. Being part of Pinkishe and its impactful work fills me with pride.

Anita Yadav

Anita Yadav

Menstrual Educator

Namaskar, my name is Anita Yadav, and I am working as a menstrual educator with Pinkishe in Greater Noida. Over the last 3-4 months, we have seen significant changes in these villages. Initially, when we conducted sessions, only elderly women would attend. But now, daughters and daughters-in-law are also participating. Previously, women used to feel embarrassed, covering their faces with veils, but now they are laughing openly and confidently answering our questions without hesitation. Their mindset is changing; they now say they are not ashamed anymore. Their daughters are going to colleges and schools, and they want to live freely and achieve their dreams. We started this initiative with Pinkishe Foundation, and it feels like it will be successful. Earlier, women did not keep track of their period dates, leading to unwanted pregnancies, but now they are paying attention to it. So, thank you Pinkishe Foundation for starting this initiative.

From the Students

Menstrual health and hygiene encompasses the availability and proper management of sanitary knowledge for women and girls during menstruation.

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Embark on a visual journey through Sakhi's impactful moments, capturing the essence of empowerment, education, and advocacy for menstrual health.

Bring Change At All Levels

If we all do our part in bringing the difference, then together, there is no menstrual gap that we cannot fill.