Democratizing Period Education and Menstrual Products

Program PadBank is Pinkishe Foundation's initiative to distribute free sanitary pads, promoting menstrual hygiene among underprivileged women and girls across India.


The Problem

In India, countless women face barriers to basic menstrual hygiene, marked by widespread lack of access, awareness, and affordability. Pinkishe is on a mission to address this gap.

500 Crores women

do not have access to feminine hygiene products

  • Days for Girls Website

71% girls 

know nothing about menstruation before their first period

  • FSG, 2016

50% Women

in India use a cloth to manage periods

  •  NFHS V, 2020

70% of Women

in India cannot afford sanitary pads.

  • FSG, 2016

Solutions Provided

Empowering women and girls with knowledge and support, Pinkishe paves the way for healthier futures by breaking down barriers to menstrual health.

Free Sanitary Pad Distribution
Awareness Workshops
Breaking Taboos
Promoting Safe Practices
Sustainable Menstrual Products
Empowering Women
Community Outreach
Partnerships and Collaborations

Upholding Dignity for Women and Girls

Padbank Overview

Program Overview

PadBank addresses menstrual hygiene in India through a vast network of women volunteers. It distributes free sanitary pads to underprivileged women and girls, conducts awareness workshops, and breaks menstrual taboos. The project promotes safe practices and sustainable products. Focused on empowerment and community outreach, PadBank partners with various organizations, significantly impacting menstrual health management across diverse regions, all through dedicated volunteer efforts.


Program’s Objectives

Aiming to normalize menstrual health discussions, alleviate period poverty, and empower women through education and sustainable practices.


Alleviate period poverty through the distribution of period products for those facing economic challenges.


Raise awareness and promote menstrual hygiene education through targeted sessions.


Empower women in rural and less privileged communities with resources for managing menstrual health.


Encourage the adoption of sustainable menstrual hygiene practices with eco-friendly period product distribution.


Support educational continuity for girls by enhancing accessibility by providing essential period products to those in need.

Projects under this Program

Featuring projects dedicated to tackling period poverty, our PadBank program's commitment to menstrual wellbeing shines through each initiative.

Normalizing periods by providing menstrual education and eco-period products to rural schoolgirls.
Empowering rural women and schoolgirls by promoting menstrual health, education, and sustainable practices in Greater Noida villages.
Project Kishori addresses menstrual education gaps in Rurban/Power Villages and provides the needed knowledge and resources for hygiene.

Theory Of Change

Our theory of change revolves around addressing the immediate needs of women and girls while creating sustainable change in menstrual hygiene practices. By providing them with sanitary pads, we ensure that they can manage their periods hygienically, attend school regularly, and pursue their dreams without limitations. Through our educational sessions and awareness campaigns, we aim to break the taboos surrounding menstruation and empower women to take charge of their health.

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Project Components

From distributing sanitary products to fostering policy dialogue, our varied components work together to empower communities and advance MHM. 

Sanitary Pad Distribution

Interactive Educational Workshops

Awareness Campaigns 

Community Engagement Events

Eco-friendly Pads Manufacturing

IEC Material Development & Dissemination

Advocacy and Policy Engagement


Our goal for the year 2030 is to educate 10 million girls in India, on menstrual hygiene, breaking the stigma surrounding menstruation, and ensuring their access to safe menstrual hygiene products.

SDGs Supported

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SDG 3rd

Project PadBank contributes to SDG 3 by promoting menstrual health and hygiene, essential for women's well-being. By distributing free sanitary pads and educating about safe menstrual practices, it addresses health risks associated with poor menstrual hygiene, thereby supporting overall health and well-being.

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PadBank aligns with SDG 5 by empowering women and girls through education on menstrual health, breaking societal taboos, and providing access to menstrual hygiene products. This initiative fosters gender equality by ensuring women can manage menstruation with dignity and participate fully in society.

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clean water

Project PadBank supports SDG 6 by emphasizing the importance of sanitation in menstrual hygiene management. By educating communities about proper disposal of sanitary products and promoting the use of sustainable menstrual items, it contributes to maintaining clean water sources and overall sanitation.

Impact Numbers


Certified Menstrual Educators created


Girls Supported


Disposable Pads Distributed


Reusable Pads Distributed


Period Cycles Supported


States and UTs reached


Pad Vending Machines Installed


Incinerators Installed

Meet The Leader

Meet our program leader, spearheading MHM initiatives with community empowerment and menstrual health awareness at the forefront.

Anindita Choudhury
Program Director




(Student Volunteer)- Mysore

My name is Zuha, and I am in my final year of BCA. I learned about Pinkishe through social media and wanted to be a part of it. I enjoy using Pinkishe's platform to impart knowledge to women and girls about their bodies and find it fulfilling to answer their questions. Pinkishe is a great NGO, and the work it's doing is very commendable. In today's world, when we think that the world has progressed so much, there are still women and girls who don't know about their own bodies. So, this is a really good initiative.

Jhuma Sunuwar

Jhuma Sunuwar


Action speaks louder than words, and Pinkishe exemplifies this beautifully. Pinkishe has empowered me to actively contribute to my community, fostering strength and confidence within me. Being part of Pinkishe is a true blessing, as it allows me to make a meaningful difference in society. I am grateful for the opportunity Pinkishe has provided me to create positive change. It’s really a blessing to be part of Pinkishe.

Taeid nazir

Taeid nazir


Pinkishe Foundation has been working for an exceptional cause and it's a blessing that I got a chance to come to be a part of it. Throughout these years, this organization has educated people and changed the philosophy towards what was considered a taboo. The first time a platform is provided to discuss menstruation in Kashmir is by the Pinkishe Foundation. A conservative society like that in Kashmir never equips women with the space to discuss periods openly and excludes them from many aspects of sociocultural life. I am delighted to associate and vouch for their activities & projects in the coming future.

What People Say...

Menstrual health and hygiene encompasses the availability and proper management of sanitary knowledge for women and girls during menstruation.

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Bring Change At All Levels

If we all do our part in bringing the difference, then together, there is no menstrual gap that we cannot fill.