Period Product Comparison
ProductEco-ScoreAbsorbing CapacityComfort LevelCostAvailability
Sanitary Pads

High environmental impact due to plastic content and landfill space

Generally high, suitable for moderate to heavy flow

Comfortable but can feel bulky or sweaty

Affordable but recurring purchases add up

Widely available in stores and online


Some are biodegradable, but concerns about chemical bleaching and TSS

Good for moderate to heavy flow, but requires changing every 4-8 hours

Very comfortable when inserted correctly

Similar to pads, regular purchases required

Easily available but less so than pads

Menstrual Cups

Reusable and eco-friendly

Can be worn up to 12 hours, suitable for all flow levels

Comfortable after getting used to insertion and removal

Higher initial cost, but saves money over time

Growing availability but not as widespread

Panty Liners

Similar environmental concerns as non-biodegradable pads

Best for light flow or as backup protection

Very comfortable and thin

Affordable, though used frequently

Widely available

Period Underwear

Reusable and reduces waste

Varies by brand, generally good for light to moderate flow

Feels like regular underwear, very comfortable

Initial investment is high, but cost-effective over time

Increasingly available but not as common

Menstrual Discs

Reusable versions available, reducing waste

Can be worn up to 12 hours, suitable for all flow levels

Comfortable and offers mess-free period sex

Cost-effective over time, similar to cups

Becoming more common but not as widespread

Cloth Pads

Washable and reusable, very eco-friendly

Effective for light to moderate flow, might need changing more frequently

Soft and breathable, more comfortable than disposables

Saves money in the long run, though initial cost is higher

Less commonly found in stores, more available online

Period Sponges

Natural and biodegradable, but some concerns about sea harvesting

Good for light to moderate flow, requires changing every few hours

Natural feel, comfortable once positioned correctly

Comparable to other reusable products, cost-effective over time

Not as widely known or available

Disposable Menstrual Underwear

Convenient but not eco-friendly due to disposability

High, good for heavy flow and overnight use

Comfortable, though bulkier than reusable options

More expensive in the long term

Increasingly available

Organic and Biodegradable Products

Low environmental impact, sustainable materials

Comparable to non-organic options, suitable for all flow levels

Often softer and free from chemicals

More expensive but considered worth the investment for health/environment

Growing but not as readily available as conventional products