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Project Praveena empowers disadvantaged women through tailoring skills, fostering self-reliance, financial independence, and improved well-being.

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The Problem

Understanding these issues highlights Pinkishe’s role in creating opportunities and fostering economic independence for women empowerment.

Limited Opportunities for Women

Scarce opportunities for women to access skill-building programs and meaningful employment hinder their self-reliance and economic empowerment.

Lack of Skill Development

Inadequate access to skill-building programs leaves women without valuable vocational skills necessary for self-sufficiency.

Financial Dependence

Dependency on others for income perpetuates vulnerability and limits women's decision-making power in their households.

Low Self-Esteem

A lack of opportunities erodes self-esteem, affecting women's confidence and overall well-being, perpetuating a cycle of disempowerment

Solutions Provided

Praveena offers a holistic approach to uplift and empower, providing diverse avenues for growth and self-reliance.

Tailoring Training
Employment Opportunities
Financial Literacy
Micro-Enterprise Support
Praveena Solution
Self-Esteem Workshops
Community Engagement
Mentorship Programs
Handholding and Support
Praveena Overview

Program Overview

Project Praveena" is a holistic endeavor dedicated to empowering disadvantaged women through valuable tailoring skills. Our commitment extends beyond skills training, encompassing long-term involvement and dedicated handholding. We address unemployment and skill development gaps, enabling women to attain self-reliance and make meaningful contributions to their families and communities. By equipping them with tailoring expertise, we aim to cultivate financial independence, enhance self-esteem, and ensure lasting positive transformations in their overall well-being.

Program’s Objectives

Setting the foundation for empowerment by equipping women with essential skills, financial knowledge, and a strong support network.


To equip disadvantaged women with tailoring skills for self-sufficiency and employment.


To expand access to sustainable job opportunities, reducing unemployment among women.


To improve financial literacy, empowering women to achieve economic independence.


To nurture self-esteem and self-reliance, fostering personal growth and well-being.


To create a supportive community network for continuous development and resilience


To provide mentorship and long-term support, ensuring sustained success for women participants.

Theory Of Change

Praveena's Theory of Change revolves around empowering underprivileged women with stitching skills, fostering economic independence, and addressing menstrual hygiene challenges for sustainable community upliftment.

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Project Components

We weave together workshops, mentorship, and community engagement as key elements in our comprehensive approach to empowerment.

Tailoring Workshops

Job Placement Support

Financial Literacy Training

Self-Esteem Workshops

Community Engagement Programs

Mentorship and Guidance

Micro-Enterprise Development

Supportive Network Building

SDGs Supported

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1st SDG

Empowering disadvantaged women with tailoring skills and job opportunities, our program aims to reduce poverty and enhance economic well-being within the community.

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5th SDG

Our program actively supports gender equality through skills development, enabling women to engage more robustly in economic and community activities, thus fostering gender balance.

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8yth SDG

Our initiative aligns with SDG 8 by providing valuable skills and job support to create decent work opportunities for women, fostering sustainable economic growth in the community.

Impact Numbers


Women Trained


Person-Hours of Training


Women with Improved Financials


Women Employed or in Micro-Enterprises


Praveena Skill Development Centre - New Delhi

In February 2022, we launched a Skill Development Center in East Delhi as a pilot project. This center, equipped with basic facilities, has successfully trained 60 girls, many of whom are now earning a livelihood. We are actively seeking support partners to enhance its resources and expand opportunities for women in the community. Our mission remains steadfast: empowering women through education, skills, and holistic development.

Meet The Leader

At the helm of Praveena, our leader's passion and expertise fuel our mission for women's empowerment.

Anita Aggarwal
Project Head


Kiran Jain

Kiran Jain

Embroidery Instructor

The Praveena program run by Pinkishe is an excellent and useful initiative. Under Praveena, women are becoming skilled in stitching and embroidery, achieving self-reliance. Some girls, after mastering these skills, are securing jobs in boutiques. Others have started their own sewing businesses at home, becoming self-sufficient and able to financially support their parents. They are no longer dependent on their parents for their basic needs. In fact, they take pride in being able to gift useful articles to their parents on festivals and birthdays with their earnings. This program not only fosters skill development but also instills a sense of pride and independence among the participants.



Trainee at Praveena Skilling Center

Joining Pinkishe Foundation changed my life in ways I never imagined possible. When my family faced financial struggles, Pinkishe provided me with a platform to contribute and support them. Learning embroidery under their guidance not only honed my skills but also gave me the opportunity to earn a sustainable income. Thanks to Pinkishe, I am now empowered to secure a brighter future for myself and my family.



Trainee at Praveena Skilling Center

My name is Mamta, my father is a laborer, and my mother is a housewife. I learned stitching at Pinkishe Foundation for 6 months, and through it, I got the opportunity to build self-confidence. Since I also enjoy stitching, I learned it well. Now, I stitch at home for my mother, and even when there's work elsewhere, where I earn a salary, I am able to help my family. I am financially independent now.

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Menstrual health and hygiene encompasses the availability and proper management of sanitary knowledge for women and girls during menstruation.

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