Celebrate your Daughter’s First Period

Your daughter's first period is a precious moment, a journey into womanhood that deserves recognition. Join us in creating a positive and empowering environment to cherish this significant milestone together.

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Have you ever considered the challenges that girls face when they experience their first menstruation? It's a moment filled with emotional complexity, as these young individuals abruptly navigate the path to maturity. Unfortunately, this process isn't always smooth due to the prevailing silence surrounding the topic, making it difficult for them to seek proper guidance. 
Yet, as a parent, you surely wouldn't want your daughter to go through such a challenging phase, would you? Recognizing the significance of this pivotal milestone in her life, why not celebrate your daughter's first period with Pinkishe and host the coolest party in town?
At Pinkishe, we believe that every girl should feel loved and supported during this crucial transition. To ensure just that, we warmly invite you to join our Pratham program. Let's come together to celebrate this important milestone in your daughter's life, turning it into a moment of joy, empowerment, and shared understanding. Because every girl deserves to embark on this journey with love and support. Join us in making a positive impact on your daughter's life during this significant transition.

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An Inspiring story - First Period Party

Aarika - Ruchi & Gautam's daughter, got her first period.Instead of keeping it hush-hush, Ruchi decided to break the age-old taboo, and with Aarika's consent, celebrated the occasion with pride and happiness!

All close friends and family members were invited. All guests blessed her on reaching this important milestone of her life.

Pinkishe foundation sent Arika a yummy cake and a surprise gift box carrying her first period kit, including a period education books and some goodies, love and best wishes!

The Special Request

Arika requested all her guests to give a small donation for distributing free sanitary pads to underpriviledged girls instead of buying her gift!

Aarika joined Pinkishe in the next pad drive and handed sanitary pads to underprivileged girls. She was delighted to be a young samaritan who could bring positive change at such tender age!

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