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Embark on an internship that nurtures your skills while contributing to menstrual health awareness. At Pinkishe, every effort you make has a lasting impact.

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Embark on a transformative journey with our internship program, where passion and purpose converge. At Pinkishe Foundation, we don't just offer internships; we provide opportunities for you to make a real impact, grow professionally, and unleash your passion for positive change.

Imagine a place where your work isn't just a task but a meaningful contribution to a larger mission. As an intern with us, you'll be shaping the future. Our dynamic and purpose-driven environment is designed to ignite your potential, fuel your ambition, and set you on a path of purposeful growth.

Whether you're a budding professional seeking valuable experience or an aspiring changemaker eager to make a difference, our internship program welcomes individuals ready to dive into purposeful work, gain valuable connections, and contribute to projects that matter.

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Perks of Interning with Pinkishe!

Certification and Recognition

Culminate your internship with a certificate, and for outstanding performers, receive a personal letter of recommendation from our founders. We celebrate and acknowledge your dedication and achievements

Valuable Experience

Immerse yourself in purposeful projects, cultivating skills that pave the way for your future success. Gain hands-on experience that goes beyond the ordinary

Building Connections

Network with seasoned professionals, mentors, and fellow interns, establishing connections that extend beyond your internship. Benefit from ongoing support and guidance throughout your journey

Ignite Change for the Community

Be part of initiatives that lead to real change in the community. Your actions contribute to a brighter future, making a tangible impact on the lives of others

Purposeful Work

Engage in tasks that align with our impactful mission. Your work goes beyond the routine, allowing you to connect your passion with purpose and contribute meaningfully to our shared goals

Find Your Niche at Pinkishe

Community Outreach and Engagement

Workshop Facilitation

Content Creation

Research and Analysis

Event Management

Advocacy and Campaigning

Graphic Design and Multimedia

Fundraising and Donor Engagement

Program Development

Administration and Coordination

Digital Marketing and SEO

Data Analysis and Reporting

Educational Material Development

Volunteer Management

Public Relations and Communication

Social Media Management

Blog Writing and Editing

Video Production and Editing

Project Planning and Execution

Strategic Partnerships and Collaboration

Reflections from Past Interns

Ananya Narang

Ananya Narang


Pinkishe foundation truly is an incredible organization. One of it's kind, the entire team works relentlessly day in and out towards their common goal of women empowerment & continuously promote female wellness on all platforms. I feel so proud to be a part of this fabulous organization, kudos to the family of amazing volunteers & interns.

Azma Juned

Azma Juned


I consider myself lucky to get a chance to work at Pinkishe Foundation. The foundation is working towards a great cause and everyone is so helpful and nice. It's been around 40 days since I joined Pinkishe and now it has become my family. The work environment is commendable.

Mansi Singh

Mansi Singh


Ms. Mansi Singh from Lonavala has been an intern at Pinkishe foundation for the past 3 months. I belong to the Social media Dept (Graphic Designer). I always wanted to work in a foundation and I got one. Our Orientation was so nice. I was so impressed with the work that Pinkishe foundation does. I felt even I should be a part of such an amazing journey helping others. Our batch was the first to handle the social media of Pinkishe foundation. Throughout my 3 months journey Pinkishe family helped me a lot. I joined as an intern and now I'm a family member of Pinkishe foundation. I really love working here. I learned how to manage a Graphic designer team, how to be patient, how to be a good head, etc. I get a very healthy working environment where there's no pressure. It's a very fun loving journey. We have fun sessions sometimes where I get to know about other interns working in different dept. I always owe Arun sir, Khyati ma’am and Purnima ma’am, the way they support me and help me in every possible way they can. I'm really happy to be a part of the Pinkishe family.

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