The invaluable team of volunteers stands as the cornerstone of Pinkishe Foundation, their unwavering dedication and contributions lighting the path to remarkable achievements and recognition. In the humble beginnings, Pinkishe faced the formidable challenge of making a tangible, data-driven impact in the face of Period Poverty. The organization was limited by reach, resources, and an initial lack of experience within the development sector. But, determined to effect change, it turned to the realm of social media to rally women volunteers.

Within a mere six months of inception, Pinkishe forged a tight-knit, all-women community that transcended the boundaries of race, geography, caste, religion, and socio-economic background. The shared objective was simple yet profound: the normalization of menstruation. The response was nothing short of overwhelming, igniting the creation of a nationwide network that sprung to life overnight, spanning the vast expanse of the country.

The team of volunteer corps leaped into action, initiating campaigns to collect sanitary pad packets from donors within their communities. They embarked on door-to-door collections, harnessed the power of social media, and orchestrated field donation drives in public spaces like markets, schools, offices, and parks. These endeavors paved the way for a remarkable collection of donated pads.

These critical resources, gathered with immense passion, were then distributed responsibly to the most underserved areas, including slums, villages, and rural schools. Each distribution event was a beacon of enlightenment, as the dedicated volunteers conducted vital menstrual literacy sessions in tandem. 

This marked the birth of PadBank, a pioneering initiative fueled by the collective strength of the volunteer women, operating from their local areas. These resolute women stand as the vanguards in the battle against one of the world's most enduring social issues – Period Poverty. It is the longest running pandemic in the world!