Menstrual health and hygiene literacy session

Menstrual Wisdom: Breaking the Taboo

Pinkishe Foundation

February 27, 2024

February 27, 2024

Aamet, Sagar

Pinkishe Foundation conducted a menstrual hygiene literacy session and pads distribution drive in Aamet, Sagar. Led by our trainer Megha Chadar, this initiative aimed to educate young girls about menstrual health and introduce them to sustainable hygiene practices.

Megha engaged the students in an informative session, addressing the common practices and misconceptions surrounding menstruation. It was revealed that many of the girls traditionally used cloth pads and often took holidays during their periods due to discomfort and lack of proper menstrual products. This practice disrupted their education and daily activities.

The introduction of reusable cloth pads by Pinkishe Foundation was met with enthusiasm. The girls were excited about the new, eco-friendly options available to them. Megha demonstrated how to use and care for these reusable pads, emphasizing their benefits in terms of hygiene, comfort, and sustainability.

One significant myth that Megha addressed was the belief that girls should remain immobile during their periods. Many of the girls had been taught that they should not move or engage in physical activities during menstruation. Megha clarified that this is not necessary and that they can perform any chores or activities as long as they feel comfortable and well.

The session not only provided essential menstrual health education but also empowered the girls to continue their daily lives without interruption during their periods. By dispelling myths and promoting the use of sustainable menstrual products, Pinkishe Foundation is making strides in improving the lives of young girls in Aamet, Sagar. At the end of the session, reusable cloth pads were distributed to the girls.

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