Students attending menstrual literacy session

Engaging Youth: A Comprehensive Hygiene Literacy Workshop

Pinkishe Foundation

May 8, 2024

April 20, 2024

Howrah, Kolkata

Pinkishe Foundation, in collaboration with Girlup Conquistadors, recently organized a dynamic menstrual hygiene literacy session and pad distribution drive at Ramakrishna Adarsha Balika Vidyalaya, Howrah, Kolkata. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in engaging youth to raise awareness about menstrual health and literacy.

It is heartening to witness the enthusiasm and dedication of the youth in taking up the responsibility to create more awareness about menstrual hygiene. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Girlup Conquistadors for their proactive efforts in this regard.

Every session conducted in schools brings forth new experiences and insights. Whether it's the initial shyness or the remarkable openness of the students, each interaction is an opportunity to foster dialogue and understanding about menstruation. It is inspiring to see students eagerly seeking knowledge about this natural biological process, demonstrating a genuine curiosity to learn and understand. As part of our commitment to menstrual health education and sustainability, pads were distributed to all participants during the session.

Together, let's continue to empower youth and break the stigma surrounding menstruation. Join us in celebrating the dedication of organizations like Girlup Conquistadors and supporting initiatives that promote menstrual hygiene literacy and empowerment among young people.

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