Menstrual health and hygiene literacy session

Empowering Educators: Pinkishe Foundation's Sakhi Program Training Session

Pinkishe Foundation

May 20, 2024

May 20, 2024


Pinkishe Foundation recently conducted an impactful training session in Bharog, led by Shalini Gupta, under the Sakhi Program in collaboration with Project Rishi of University of California, Berkeley. This initiative is dedicated to nurturing a force of menstrual educators, passionately committed to equipping school girls with essential knowledge and empowerment through comprehensive menstrual education.

During the session, trainers were provided with valuable insights into techniques for effectively teaching menstrual hygiene and health practices. Strategies for clear and inclusive communication were a key focus, ensuring that educators can convey crucial information in a manner that is easily understood by young girls.

A dynamic question and answer segment allowed participants to exchange feedback on their training techniques, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and mutual learning. This interactive component was vital in refining the skills of the trainers, ensuring they are well-prepared to deliver impactful and engaging education.

Through the Sakhi Program, Pinkishe Foundation is building a community of knowledgeable and passionate menstrual educators who are dedicated to breaking taboos and empowering the next generation with the knowledge they need to manage their menstrual health confidently and with dignity.

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