A Menstrual Health & Hygiene Education Camp

Pinkishe Foundation

June 8, 2024

June 8, 2024

Mukundpur, Central Delhi

On June 8th, 2024, A Menstrual Health & Hygiene Education Camp was organized at Mukundpur, Central Delhi by Pinkishe Foundation and Sampark Sathi Foundation, the event aimed to educate women and girls on safe menstrual health and hygiene practices. It was a collaborative effort with Sampark Sathi Foundation, which successfully reached 38 women and girls from the underserved community. The session was carefully crafted to address crucial aspects of menstrual health. Our partner team members began by emphasizing the importance of maintaining proper hygiene during menstruation to prevent infections and promote overall health. They offered practical tips and demonstrated the correct use and disposal of sanitary pads, stressing the significance of using clean and safe menstrual products.

A notable aspect of the camp was the open discussion on menstrual taboos. Facilitators encouraged attendees to share their experiences and beliefs surrounding menstruation, fostering a supportive environment where myths and misconceptions could be openly addressed. The session was interactive, allowing personalized guidance and support, ensuring each participant left with a clear understanding of how to manage their menstrual health effectively.

To further support the women and girls in the community, 38 Disposable pad kits were distributed during the event, ensuring each participant received a pack. This distribution aimed to provide immediate relief and promote the use of safe menstrual products. The Menstrual Health & Hygiene Education Camp marked a significant step towards empowering women and girls with knowledge and resources to confidently manage their menstrual health. We extend heartfelt thanks to our partner, Sampark Sathi Foundation, for their dedication and support in making this event a success.

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