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Amidst the Rural Realities: Nurturing Menstrual Health Education

Pinkishe Foundation



In the outskirts of Greater Noida, the gleaming urban life casts a shadow over the plight of rural villages. These regions, concealed within the urban glamour, embody harrowing conditions, particularly for the women living there. Amidst the quaint villages, Mewati, a resident grappling with impoverishment, endures profound hardships exacerbated by limited resources and dire hygiene conditions. Engaged in menial labor to sustain her family, the scorching summer heat amplifies the challenges she faces, notably during her menstrual cycle.

The plight deepens as Mewati, like many others, grapples with the unaffordability of commercial sanitary products, relying instead on makeshift cloth alternatives. This compromise not only hampers her ability to work but also lacks appropriate facilities for hygienic management, further compounded by the absence of proper restroom facilities at her workplace. These dire circumstances mirror the shared struggles experienced by the women in her village, highlighting the pervasive lack of menstrual hygiene resources and infrastructure in the area.


Rajrani, an active Pinkishe volunteer, diligently travels around the rural landscapes of Greater Noida, scouting locations in dire need of intervention and menstrual health education for underserved communities. Her mission revolves around identifying areas requiring urgent assistance, where basic knowledge about menstruation is scarce, and providing essential menstrual hygiene products to those in need.

During one such visit to a village in Greater Noida, Rajrani engaged in a candid and crucial conversation with the local women. Amidst laughter and conversation, the startling revelation emerged about the misconceptions prevalent among these women regarding the female anatomy. Rajendri, Mewati and Rekha, the three women from the community are laughing with their mouths partially covered with Dupatta. The reason being that Rajrani has asked them about the number of openings a woman has in the lower part of her body. As per three of them there is only one opening, a few women sitting there believe there are two openings. This is the common belief which the majority of women have. This revelation about the lack of fundamental knowledge led to discussions about urinary tract infections (UTIs) and reproductive tract infections (RTIs), pervasive issues within the community.  It was shocking to see that in spite of giving birth 4-5 times, these women have no knowledge about their bodies.

In response, Rajrani adeptly delved into an educational discourse, meticulously detailing the basic anatomical structures and their respective functions. Despite the experiences of childbirth, these women were unaware of these vital biological facts. Rajrani's guidance emphasized crucial hygiene practices, enlightening the women about the significance of adopting front-to-back cleaning methods.

The women's response was heartwarming, expressing sincere appreciation for the enlightening insights into their bodies. Encouraged by Rajrani's intervention, community members like Rajendri and Mewati pledged to empower their daughters by sharing this newfound knowledge about menstruation and bodily functions. This marked the initiation of a transformative journey in menstrual health awareness within this small village of Greater Noida.


After the enlightening session, volunteers like Rajrani find solace and fulfilment in the impact they bring to the communities they serve. These moments of social service hold immense value in their lives. Rajrani eagerly anticipates these days, feeling a genuine sense of achievement by contributing positively to the lives of others.

During a subsequent encounter, Rajendri conveyed her gratitude to Rajrani. She not only shared the knowledge gained from the session with her daughter but also enlightened her initially hesitant mother-in-law. Rajendri expressed her desire for her daughter to be well-educated, healthy, and empowered to spread awareness about crucial women's health topics among more girls. This heartfelt exchange deeply touched Rajrani, signifying the impact and transformation they aim to achieve.

These encounters serve as heartwarming reminders of the potential for change through small yet impactful steps. While moving mountains may seem insurmountable, these small strides pave the way for a brighter and more informed future.

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