5 important things for self care during period

Navya Agnihotri


Collage of nine illustrations promoting self-care during menstruation. Top row: Calendar tracking period dates, stationery with a clock and notepad, cozy blankets and a hot water bottle. Middle row: Flowers and a clock, a welcoming sign with a feminine product, a woman comfortably seated with a heating pad. Bottom row: A meditating woman under the moon, comfortable loungewear, and a steaming cup next to a potted plant. The color scheme is warm with reds, pinks, and teal, evoking a nurturing and calm atmosphere.

5 Important Things You Should Do During Periods

1. Prioritize Your Hygiene

Good menstrual cycle care starts with maintaining hygiene. Changing your sanitary products regularly and opting for comfortable, absorbent materials can keep you feeling fresh and prevent infections.

2. Stay Hydrated and Maintain a Balanced Diet

Your body needs extra care during this time. Staying hydrated and eating a diet rich in iron and vitamins helps combat fatigue and replenishes nutrients lost during menstruation.

3. Engage in Light Exercise

While it might feel counterintuitive, light exercises like yoga or walking can alleviate cramps and improve your mood during your period.

4. Rest and Manage Stress

Adequate rest is a significant aspect of after period care. Listen to your body's needs and ensure you get enough sleep. Managing stress through meditation or engaging in hobbies can also be beneficial.

5. Use Safe and Comfortable Menstrual Products

Choosing the right menstrual products is vital. Consider the environment and your health by opting for sustainable and safe options.

How Pinkishe is Contributing Towards Period Care Awareness?

Pinkishe Foundation, a non-profit organization headquartered in New Delhi, is at the forefront of breaking menstrual taboos and promoting menstrual health & hygiene. Through workshops, awareness programs, and distributing free pad kits, Pinkishe is making a monumental difference in the lives of girls and women across India.

1. Does the Uterus Swell During Period?

Yes, it's common for the uterus to swell slightly during menstruation due to hormonal changes and uterine contractions.

2. Should You Take a Bath on Your Period?

Absolutely! Taking a bath can help soothe menstrual cramps and keep you clean. There is no medical reason to avoid baths during your period.

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