The .ORG Impact Awards 2023

Pinkishe Foundation

November 16, 2023

Pinkishe Foundation is thrilled to share the exciting news of our selection as one of the 35 finalists for the prestigious .org Impact Awards 2023. This esteemed recognition underscores our unwavering commitment to advancing menstrual health and empowering communities across India.

The selection process, involving approximately 1000 applicants from over 70 nations, culminated in our designation as finalists across seven diverse categories. This achievement not only validates our tireless efforts but also signifies a significant milestone in our journey.

We are honored to announce that our very own Khyati Gupta and Arun Gupta have been invited to represent Pinkishe at the awards ceremony, scheduled for November 16, 2023, in Washington DC, USA. Hosted by the renowned Padma Lakshmi, this event promises to be a momentous occasion celebrating impactful initiatives from around the globe.

This invitation is a testament to the collective dedication of our supporters, partners, and volunteers who have championed our cause. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for believing in our mission and supporting us every step of the way.

Together, let us continue to strive for greater impact and create positive change in the lives of women and girls across India and beyond.

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