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Become a member of the ever-expanding women community of Pinkishe to empower yourself and the women around you.


Get yourself connected to the nearest PinkCircle to contribute to the projects aimed at the elimination of women-related issues on ground-level, get involved in discussions, seek legal guidance, participate in Pinkishe contests or become self-reliant by heading different projects.

All members will be issued an id card on the membership which will not only separate you out from the crowd but will also give you an identity as a champion in women's rights. This is just one of the first things you get a feeling of belonging to a community with thousands of women. As you start interacting on our Facebook forum, attend Pink meets and take part in our programs, you will truly start to realize your purpose in working for the cause of the women in India. 

Pinkishe Foundation is a multi-agenda platform where you can share your grievances and avail immediate assistance through the 200,000+ women associates. We are soon aiming to start projects which will help unemployed women and housewives to lead these projects and become economically independent. We welcome every women to feel free to contact us and lead or volunteer in these projects.

With the establishment of our Pink Circle network, women can avail to a plethora of opportunities by working on the district and city level in this national stage programme. 

become a member

when you become a registered member of pinkishe, you draw pride and confidence along with satisfaction of being associated with social causes closely. you get a permanent identification number and pinkishe kit that on one hand create the sense of belonging and identity for you, it reminds you every-time of the social responsibility that you have undertaken.

join us either by google form online or downloaded form

become a volunteer

also , we welcome all women who interested in volunteering on a part-time/full-time basis in strategising, implementing and participating in projects; moderating our online forum and facilitating pink meets. register to become an volunteer at pinkishe foundation.

need internship

we welcome college students who would like to work as interns for a certain duration. you will get a nice experience and great satisfaction. you will be allocated to assignments and your contribution will be objectively evaluated. we do provide certificates and rewards too.

“No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” 
― Martin Luther King Jr.

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