MYRA is an initiative by young college students, who not only planted a seed but are now successfully reaping the harvest.


MYRA focuses on making women realize the power they hold. Irrespective of of multiple areas where our nation has seen commendable development, there are areas which are yet to be worked on, areas which need immense attention. Women in various places of our country are still deprived to live their lives wth sustainability and our bound to be dependent on men around them to satisfy their basic needs.


MYRA is an initiative to empower these women by silling them and to include them in the workforce by providing them opportunities to create handcrafted items and earn livelihood.

A photo exhibition for creating awareness and fund raising.


Photographers across the nation and abroad will be invited to submit their photos keeping women as central theme.


Photos can depict any aspect of a woman - be it her moods, her strengths, her issues etc. A jury team of international top photographers will select the best 100 pictures om women theme which will be later taken across a nation tour for display and sale/auction in many metro cities.

Under this program our team of legal experts will provide voluntary assistance to needy women.


The volunteer legal experts will be available nationally from every branch of Pinkishe. We will introduce the leadership and launch our helpline number on the day of the launch.

Pinkishe Foundation is proud to announce its brand new program: NAAZ.

The labour force participation of women has been constantly falling over the last decade from 37% in 2004 to 28% in 2016. Naaz is an attempt to make women self-reliant by providing them skills and employability. Among a slew of initiatives to be launched this year under our second major program NAAZ, we are happy to have taken the the first baby step.

It’s most heartening to see these women earn for themselves and support their family. Pinkishe feels proud to be associated with these women.

This is a small first step and we will announce more such initiatives as we move forward - together!

In this program, members of Pinkishe have started opening PadBank branches across the nation from their homes and other places and our volunteers collect and distribute Sanitary Pads to the needy girls while enhancing their awareness levels on this huge challenge the girls and women of the world struggle with.


In due course of time we intend to install Pad manufacturing units across India, train the rural women towards manufacturing low cost, environment friendly pads and in the process attain economic independence. It's a unique initiative and will hopefully create maximum positive impact in the society.


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