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The Essential Benefits of Menstruation

Author- Anika Singh Editor- Navya Om Agnihotri The first thought that comes to the minds of many young girls and women when menstruation is mentioned is its bad reputation of cramps, being bloated, and the one week every month full of bloodshed and agony. While there are many aspects of periods that females do not like, not everything about the menstruation cycle is negative.
Your Period- The Benefits Your menstruation can warn you about your future diseases The color, length, and odor of menstruation blood might provide information about your medical state. Some women have excessive menstrual flow or no period for an extended length of time, indicating that something is wrong with their bodies and allowing them to be aware of such changes. Your period can make you beautiful During your first day, your estrogen level is very low. After a few days, the estrogen level rises, causing endorphins to be released, making you feel alert, cheerful, and in a good mood. Because it lowers your stress hormones, an increase in estrogen levels in your body helps you feel more beautiful and feminine. Your skin will be soft and your face will glow. Your period naturally cleanses you Menstruation is a natural cleanser. Your cycle is your body's natural means of cleaning and flushing out toxins. Your body discharges extra iron during your menstruation to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Your period helps you live longer Your menstruation slows the process of aging. When you menstruate, your body excretes iron, which keeps you youthful, and why most women live longer lives than men. According to research conducted by longevity specialists, iron loss can help lower stroke and heart disease incidence. Getting your period reduces bloating Although you may feel bloated and uncomfortable before your period, the benefit of actually having your period is less bloating and increased metabolism. The period is followed by a decrease in progesterone, a hormone that promotes water retention and lowers metabolism. Progesterone levels are typically low a day or two following the onset of the period, and most women lose water weight and metabolize carbohydrates more efficiently. It allows you to know that you are not pregnant While it is technically possible to continue with your regular cycle throughout pregnancy, most of the time, a period is Mother Nature's way of saying "another month down, still not pregnant."
Essential Health Benefits of Menstruation: For more of such creative and educational posts on menstrual hygiene and education, kindly, head to Pinkishe's Instagram page: Regular menstrual periods tell you that your hormones are in balance Regular menstruation indicates that your body is in a state of equilibrium, allowing for optimal sex hormone levels for reproduction. You feel fantastic, are active, sleep well when these hormones are in harmony. When you're stressed all the time, your hormones become out of sync, and irregular menstruation is one of the first signs that you need help. Helps keep a check on your bones The average balance of the sex hormones estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone contributes to healthy periods and bone turnover. In fact, your bones are endocrine or hormone-generating organs. If the balance is off, your periods may become irregular, which signifies that bone formation isn't keeping up with bone degradation. Ensures thyroid function Your periods are significantly more likely to be regular if your thyroid is healthy and functioning properly. Healthy weight maintenance Estrogen dominance and insulin resistance are two forms of hormonal imbalances linked to excess body weight and irregular menstruation. Menstrual abnormalities, including amenorrhea (lack of periods), can also be caused by being underweight due to strict dieting, overtraining, or other significant physical or mental stress. Adrenal function When we are stressed, many women skip or have irregular periods or suffer from PMS, which can be minimized by strengthening our adrenals. Reduces blood pressure Menstruation causes a drop in blood pressure. This drop indicates that a woman who has her periods regularly has a lower risk of developing high blood pressure. A woman in her reproductive years is also less likely to suffer from a stroke or heart attack. The menstrual cycle is one of the most beautiful aspects of womanhood. Embracing it and focusing on its positives will surely help all the females reduce their fear of “facing the dreaded week”.

The Essential Benefits of Menstruation
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