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Free Sanitary Pad Donation & Menstrual Literacy Workshop | Mumbai | 20th Feb 2023

Is it bad if I get my period twice in one month? Why does this happen? I've heard that periods come only once a month, but I've been having my periods twice a month. I am embarrassed to ask anyone about it", says Madhvi. It's normal during the teen years to have irregular periods, which might come more than once a month or only once in a few months. The cycle settles down within a couple of years of one's first period. A checkup can help determine if there is a need for any treatment and also gives the girl a chance to learn more about her body. Yet girls in most of the developing world enter puberty with knowledge gaps and mistaken beliefs about menstruation and refrain from talking about it. This lack of knowledge is because adults around them are ill-informed and uncomfortable discussing issues related to sexuality, reproduction, and menses. Pinkishe Foundation is shifting concerns towards health-related issues of menstruating girls and menstrual sanitation, which affect their performances. High-quality menstrual hygienic knowledge is essential as it improves the self-assurance of females in several ways and resolves the mental and physical troubles that women face. Pinkishe Foundation emphasizes taking more steps toward reinforcing menstrual health awareness and hence Ms. Palakshi Sathe from the Pinkishe Foundation conducted a menstrual literary session at Sion Municipal Secondary School, Sion, East, Mumbai, Maharashtra. Website Pinkishe Foundation page LinkedIn
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Free Sanitary Pad Donation & Menstrual Literacy Workshop | Mumbai | 20th Feb 2023
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