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Menstrual Literacy Workshop | Pune | 25th Aug 2022

You'd be surprised to know that most of the men grow up not understanding what periods are, how the body changes during puberty and why this is normal.
Misogyny begins when young boys overhear or might even be told that periods are messy or embarrassing. Pinkishe Foundation did an awareness session with around 60 boys of class 6 to 8th about puberty changes which happen in both boys and girls in Shevantabai Dangat Patil PMC School, Vadgaon, Pune on 25th August,2022. Our Facilitator Mrs. Shalini Gupta started the session with a small fun game. She discussed about the changes that a teenager go through and further told them about how periods are a biological process through which every girl goes. The boys came to know that existence of human race is only possible through periods. They were curious to know how a baby is born, why do we not talk about periods openly. They said they used to think they are strong but realised that girls are stronger as they go through so much pain every month and promised to be more caring and sensitive in future. This will lead them to influence and positively impact the experience of girls and women of menstruation in many roles – as a husband, brother, father, teacher or peer. In a hope of destigmatizing this issue, the session ended with minds full of awareness about sexual and reproductive health and happy faces.
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Menstrual Literacy Workshop | Pune | 25th Aug 2022
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