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Updated: May 5, 2020

Becoming successful is an art of the mind. People think that being successful requires motivation but the truth is that there is a simple formula. But first who am I to tell you what to do. I failed my English exams three times and my math exams three times, everybody thought I would be a failure and I did too. But a simple question my father asked me changed my life. One day as I was sitting down doing what I did best.... nothing and he asked me this question. “Doing what you’re doing now, where will you be in 5 years? The question scared the hell out of me because the answer in my head was a life of poverty and sadness. I decided immediately that I would research and find out what makes people successful. I started to follow people who were successful and soon discovered that they were all similar in their thinking.

My next mission was to discover what made them different and that when I discovered a simple formula. I now teach other people to become coaches because it’s so needed right now. I used the formula and over the years I’ve worked with 600,000 people in 49 countries, I failed English but have written five books and have built many businesses. If I can do it, so can you. I will share the formula later. Right now let’s look at the reality. India is booming; it’s the land of opportunity. There has never been a time in history to really achieve greatness like there is in India now. BUT India has massive challenges now and more to come. Here are few things I discovered. As the nation grows, the biggest challenges India is facing are relationship issues, money and health challenges. People are getting in to relationships earlier in life (as low as age 13) and almost all relationships are based on looks and materialism. People don’t fall in love with character anymore they go for “how cool” or what the person has. The beauty industry and women’s magazines haven’t done women any favors , in fact they have put so much pressure on women that now people are trying to be someone they are not and this is leading to massive low self-value. Most people are in debt and it’s getting worse. My father has a great saying “if you’re going to get an elephant make sure the doors to your house are big”. Most people have no idea how to spend, invest or manage their money and have no plan for the future, as a result marriages are breaking and people are sinking in to depression. Diabetes is going through the roof and as a result intimacy is falling and people’s health care costs are going crazy.

Finally the biggest problem of the 21st century is social media addiction. The whole nation is now looking for validation,“please tell me I’m good, and please tell me you like me “. People are so busy trying to impress others by looking good and when they see others who are “better” they feel sad. Imagine a nation of pleasers... scary.

So why am I the angel of doom and gloom? As a coach it’s important for me to make a client see the truth about their life. The truth gives you a starting point to transform your life. I don’t believe positive thinking helps, if your life is a mess thinking positive will do NOTHING. Visits to “Shrinks’ are on the rise, people don’t need shrinks they need coaches. In a program I run called coach to a fortune I teach people how to be incredible coaches. Coaches don’t go in to your past they work towards your future. It’s a forward approach where the coach brings out powers that people already have. 98% of the participants are ordinary people who have normal lives and have normal problems. They are the best coaches. Most certified coaches get their credibility from a certificate;my coaches are certified by life. Women are the best coaches; they have emotions, empathy and a sixth sense. Every time a meet a woman I tell her “become a coach” and she says “who? Me?” I say “yes YOU”. India needs coaches, good people, real people,and people with a zest to help others. And women are all of that and much more. Women are nurturers. They are the best of coaches. So what’s the formula? It’s simple 1. Discover your inner DNA coding, get rid of your limiting patterns, define your outcomes, get rid of toxic people and get to work. It‘s too detailed to explain in this article but do check that out on YouTube and maybe attend one of my free sessions and you can see the formula in detail. India is great and to keep it great we need a nation of independent women who know how to deal with problems. Make India incredible ... become an incredible coach. Women! Yes! You can!

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