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What's Your Rashi- July 2020- PinkTalk Expert- Sonam Chamaria

Pink Talk

💠About the Video

Every zodiac sign spells out its unique traits and powers which governs an individual's personality and life. While one cannot unfold the underlying secrets, one can definitely strengthen himself/ herself with the power of astrological revelations. Today's video will guide you on what lies in your stars, giving you a foresight into future.

💠Our Expert

Sonam Chamaria is a Tarot card reader, guiding people from the past 20 years. She has compiled her experience and expertise in form of a book titled, 'From Stressed to Sorted'. Sonam has the much acclaimed, Influential Women 2k20 award to her name. She, also is a Chakra healer, blogger & doodle artist. Her blog SoulSpeak has gained popularity across 151 countries and is widely followed.

💠About Pink Talk

PinkTalk is Pinkishe's ‘panel of experts’ from diverse fields of women's interest and various domains such as fitness, beauty, gynaecology, interior design, self-defense, art, fashion, parenting, pediatric, dental, cooking, etc. If you think you are an expert and carry a desire to join, please connect with us through Ms. Ruchi Jain - +91 98183 66242

💠About Pinkishe

PINKISHE Foundation an “All-Women’ non-profit organization is a section 80G and 12A certified "Registered Trust". It has a large community of nearly 1.6 lakh plus women amid multiple branches across the nation. Pinkishe Foundation’s primary vision is to Impact, Influence, and Inspire the lives of Women and Girls to live an accomplished life with Pride and Dignity.





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India's best tarot consultant, tarot card reader, numerologist | Sonam Chamaria | Pink talk | Pinkishe Foundation Result of all your questions related to your life - love tarot card reading in Hindi, जानिए टॅरो कार्ड रीडिंग हिन्दी में और टैरो भविष्यफल Best Tarot Card Reader

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