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Red Dot Campaign

Updated: May 5, 2020

Pinkishe Foundation was seen in the columns of newspaper 'Our Vadodara' on 2nd July 2019 stating that the first padbank in Gujarat is initiated by Pinkishe Foundation.

Along with creating the padbank, the foundation have initiated "Red dot Campaign". This campaign asks people from all around to post photos with red dot on their hand on social media. It is done to bring awareness about periods pain in women and to clear the superstitions continuing from long.

You can also be a part of it by logging in The newspaper inked that pads are distributed in Vadodara, Gujarat, India to underprivileged girls & women from age 14-40 by Pinkishe foundation's team led by Aarti Rameshrao Kadam and also various questions regarding their menstrual cycle and hygeine are answered.

Pinkishe foundation has distributed around 1.25 lac pads to women who suffered in flood in Kerala and distributed pads to around 500 women in Vadodara. Pad vending machines have also been installed in schools and colleges which provide pads at a minimal cost.

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