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Post Covid Office Spaces | Pink Talk | Shilpa Ranade

Pink Talk

💠About the Video

The pandemic covid-19 has affected us in a number of ways. Some researchers have also quoted that the novel coronavirus shall be a part of our lives for a longer period of time. But, that doesn't mean that we will be confined to the four walls of our houses for the year long. We will definitely have to step out of our houses to resume work at our workplaces. In the light of the situation, today, our expert talks about how the offices will be designed post covid. Watch our expert talk about the open green spaces leading to healthy environment in the offices along with installation of mask station and sanitization point at the entrance and much more.

💠Our Expert

Shilpa Ranade is the CEO of RS ARCHITECTS and the Chairperson of the Indian Institute of Architecture, Hisar sub Centre.

💠About Pink Talk

PinkTalk is Pinkishe's ‘panel of experts’ from diverse fields of women's interest and various domains such as fitness, beauty, gynaecology, interior design, self-defense, art, fashion, parenting, pediatric, dental, cooking, etc. If you think you are an expert and carry a desire to join, please connect with us through Ms. Ruchi Jain - +91 98183 66242 💠About Pinkishe

PINKISHE Foundation an “All-Women’ non-profit organization is a section 80G and 12A certified "Registered Trust". It has a large community of nearly 1.6 lakh plus women amid multiple branches across the nation. Pinkishe Foundation’s primary vision is to Impact, Influence, and Inspire the lives of Women and Girls to live an accomplished life with Pride and Dignity.





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