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PinkisheFoundation Covid19 LockdownSeries (Episode 1)

As an aftermath of sudden lockdown announcement, panic struck among vulnerables and economically weaker section in India. *Pinkishe Foundation* ( connected with *Mr Vikas*, a government source handling food distribution in different parts of the country. That followed with starting our food helpline. The calls didn't stop for 3 consecutive days. Those weren't only related to food, but to many other concerns too. An elderly woman living alone needed medicines, an elderly couple in Jaipur needed grocery, a lady in Bengaluru had a panic attack and therefore wished to talk to someone, a poor widow in Chattisgarh was eager to know what she was supposed to do in case of Banks indifference to Finance Minister's call for 3 months EMI relief, a distressed migrant labourer from Hissar had a query if the relief money that was supposed to be deposited by the government was safe, or the government employees themselves would cheat and withdraw that while filling-up account numbers in the related forms! We tried our best to help them out by delivering medicines, grocery, answering their concerns and by delivering food. *Our team served day and night under the leadership of our National Creative Head Ms Avani Shikha Tripathi.* We extend our gratitude to Mr Vikas, Ms Avani and all the donors for their support in this noble cause.

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