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PinkisheFoundation Covid19 LockdownSeries (Episode 7)

The ongoing lockdown has brought daily life to a standstill. No movements, no work, no activity, all this has hit economically weaker sector the most, especially the females. They are in the most vulnerable state due to various reasons, non availability of sanitary napkins as being one of them.

Pinkishe Foundation has always targeted menstrual hygiene awareness as our prime objective. We regularly visit and provide free sanitary pads alongwith menstrual hygiene awareness workshops to poor women and girls under our Padbank program (

During this lockdown period, it became difficult for female workers of Tocklai Tea Research Institute, Jorhat, Assam to arrange sanitary pads for themselves.

Our Assam Branch President Ms Sumita Bandyopadhyay took the initiative and visited them on 19th April, 2020. She distributed Pinkishe reusable cotton pads to 40 female workers there. She also explained them the process of maintaining those pads in their local language. The women were very happy to receive help in these testing times. Ms Sumita's husband, Dr Tanoy Bandyopadhyay joined her in this drive. They both received full support from Local Police Administration.

They followed social distancing everywhere.

Pinkishe Foundation is grateful to Ms Sumita, Dr Tanoy, Police Department and all our contributors for supporting us in this noble cause.

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