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PinkisheFoundation Covid19 LockdownSeries (Episode 5)

Sudden lockdown resulted in panic among poor and vulnerable. Pinkishe Foundation came forward to their rescue and started a helpline.

We received a message from an old age home. They needed medicines and food provisions urgently. All their medicines were related to neurological problems and were very costly. Our volunteers quickly contributed and raised much more money than required.

We bought medicines, fruits, vegetables etc but the question still remained how to deliver all the stuff to those elderly! Delivering medicines was necessary as the elderly had run out of their supplies.

Our General Secretary Shalini Gupta took the initiative of delivering the stuff herself. She visited old age home along with her husband @Pawan Gupta on their way to old age home, they felt proud to see watching Police performing their duty so promptly.

Their old age home experience was also quite overwhelming. Their place was as clean and tidy as a home. The elderly were so happy to receive their medicines and other necessary stuff. They had wished for banana on the first day of the lock down, and there reached Pinkishe Foundation with their supply of bananas!

The elderly were so touched by our services! They didn't speak but conveyed everything through their eyes, their helplessness, as well as gratitude and affection for us! We ensured social distancing everywhere.

Pinkishe Foundation extends our gratitude to Dr Pawan Gupta, Ms Shalini Gupta, Police Department and all the donors for their extraordinary support at these testing times.

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