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PinkisheFoundation Covid19 LockdownSeries (Episode 10)

Updated: May 5

Extended lockdown has hit economically weaker sector the most, especially females. Closed markets, lost jobs and shortage of resources have resulted in unavailability of a number of essential commodities, including sanitary pads. Since lack of proper hygiene during periods cause hazardous effects on health, absence of this necessary stuff put these women into the most vulnerable condition.

Pinkishe Foundation primarily deals with the subject related to menstrual hygiene. We regularly visit and provide free sanitary pads alongwith menstrual hygiene awareness workshops to poor women and girls under our Padbank program (https://www.pinkishe.org/padbank)

Our Cuttack Branch President Ms Bhawna Lalwani came to know about 50 such poor women living in Deer Park Basti (Slum area) who were in dire need of sanitary pads. She arranged 6 napkins for each woman that made a total number of 300 pads donation on 27th April, 2020. The women benefitted from the donation were very happy to receive help during these testing times.

Social distancing was followed throughout the drive.

We received full support of local police administration too.

Pinkishe Foundation is grateful to Ms Bhawna, police department and all our contributors for supporting us in the noble cause.

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