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Personality development coach - personal development women : Swarleen Kaur : PinkTalk : Pinkishe

Pink Talk !

Our personality is what makes us unique and gives us an identity. Let’s take a trip into this video, where our Personality Development Coach, Swarleen Kaur enlightens us on various aspects and factors that build a personality. Which personality is better - a homemaker or a working woman? Watch more to uncover the fact.

Swarleen Kaur is a Personality Development Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Trainer. She carries a mantle of being an educator for the last 18 years and has worked with reputed CBSE and ICSE schools. Her notable achievement is the Overall Champion award in the Online International Impromptu Championship 2020.

She has been a National Speaker at the Extempore held in Ahmedabad and also an International Speaking Championship 2019. She conducts Communication and Personality Development classes among children and youth. As a service to humanity, she helps the desolate and those who undergo depression. She is energetic and touches the lives of people with her knack of speaking.

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