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Polycystic ovary is a multisystem endocrinopathy with features of oligomenorrhoea, non-ovulation, obesity and hirsutism. It is a disease common more among young women. Dr. Bhandari shares some useful information regarding the same with our readers.

INCIDENCE: About 2.2% to 26% adolescent female affected in India.

Cause: Generally PCOD are idiopathic in nature but there are certain factors responsible for development of PCOD such as change in lifestyle, diet and stress. The stress plays so much havoc for development of changes in ovaries. In reproductive age group females having so much stress in their life from adolescent to end of the reproductive life. They suppress their desires and live a stressful life. They are not safe because society does not allow them to live for themselves and that is the reason for hormonal or endocrinal changes which leads to PCOD. Most of the females have irregular periods.

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