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Monsoon Diet Plan | Pink Talk | Richa Bhasin

Pink Talk

💠About the Video

The monsoon season definitely brings with itself a pleasantness in the air, but it also gives way to some health issues like low immunity, indigestion, infections etc. Today, our expert will guide you, how to upkeep your health during the rains. So, dear Pinks, be high in health and spirits both, this monsoon.

💠 About Expert

Dietician, Richa bhasin did her Masters in Food and Nutrition and Specialisation in Bone and Gut Health, certified by Ayurvedic Nutrition. She holds 12 years of experience with reputed MNCs and has won several awards in the field by VLCC, Nutrivarcity etc, to name a few. She, herself runs an online weight loss firm. She has aslo, worked towards Community Health and Wellbeing in NCR with the charitable trust - AASHIT (satisfying the food needs), which bridges the gap between the food contributor and the poor urban people in need of food.

💠About Pink Talk

PinkTalk is Pinkishe's ‘panel of experts’ from diverse fields of women's interest and various domains such as fitness, beauty, gynaecology, interior design, self-defense, art, fashion, parenting, pediatric, dental, cooking, etc. If you think you are an expert and carry a desire to join, please connect with us through Ms. Ruchi Jain - +91 98183 66242 💠About Pinkishe

PINKISHE Foundation an “All-Women’ non-profit organization is a section 80G and 12A certified "Registered Trust". It has a large community of nearly 1.6 lakh plus women amid multiple branches across the nation. Pinkishe Foundation’s primary vision is to Impact, Influence, and Inspire the lives of Women and Girls to live an accomplished life with Pride and Dignity.






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