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Q You are a successful woman and a role model. Is there any other dream which

you still strive to achieve?

Babli: I have a strong desire to pen my autobiography. I still have a lot of aggression buried inside… there is a lot to share with those who tend to break down or lose hope with each failure coming their way or even in the face of a simple challenge. I just wish to connect to such people and convey them that nothing gets over so easily,there is always a silver lining, a hope to start afresh.

Q You are an achiever. What challenges you faced to reach your goal?

Babli: The position where I stand today hasn’t come easy to me. Without any family backup,society’s support, it has always been full of struggles. I converted all ‘minuses’

thrown to me into ‘pluses’. I wished to change people’s perspective and mindset

towards me. They used to pity me, make fun of me...! Noises of society’s abuses

would put me awake for whole nights... I wanted to end this humiliation. I wanted to

be a creator, I could feel the sensation and desperation in my fingers to create beauty,

so I chose the path of creating beauty. And believe me, it was an unparalleled feeling

when then the honourable President of India, Pranab Mukherjee handed over a

prestigious award to those same fingers which once were a subject of mockery.

Today I have the fortune of my self-respect! National awards are making my world

beautiful… I wish to continue with this beautiful journey forever…

Q What was society’s contribution to

your success?

Babli: 'Society', the word sounds good!

Honestly speaking, when I was slithering

for survival, I had no one around me. Just imagine how tough it would have been to win the confidence of my clients who initially shied away from getting their eyebrows done by a handicap girl! It was merely my conviction, hard work, self-confidence and inner strength that pulled them to my parlour. It took

time to build this rapport... my skills, my fearless driving in an uncontrolled traffic of Jawra,the hobby classes I started, all this made them realize the worth of my craft and my confidence.I used to cheer myself up every day that I was the best…! Today, I can say that this 'society' is with me.

Q Other than your father and sister, who else has been your role model?

Babli: The role that God gave me…! I told Him that I couldn’t swim, and in response, God

threw me in the middle of the ocean and said that if I was His special child, then I should

try and swim back to Him. I played that role; I swam to him on my own. Now, tell me, who should be called my role model then? It was me who was responsible for my own victories and losses! How can I follow anyone and vice versa because in any case, it’s not possible. For that,either my physical parts would be complete or else, if someone really wishes to compete with me, then they should first get their 5 fingers and half arms severed! I am my own role model I compete and win myself, each time, in a better


Q If given an opportunity, what other skills would you like to learn?

Babli: If given an opportunity, I wish to learn each and every skill that partakes hands.

That could be either shooting, Judo-Karate, or fencing, as daring sports always fascinate me.Every work that challenges me or makes me feel tested, I linger with it till I finish it off!

Q Any other hobbies like cooking,movies etc.?

Babli: I am interested in painting, cooking,dancing and singing. I am interested in every

bit of craft which brings along a blossoming smile.This cheerful, happy-go-lucky, vibrant

and bubby girl wishes to be ‘Babli’ again if given a chance of a rebirth. Pinkishe Magazine

salutes this extraordinary, remarkable and an amazing person and wishes her luck

for all her future endeavours!

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