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Independence Day Celebrated In A Unique Way | Delhi | 15th Aug 2022


Independence Day 2022 was celebrated uniquely by the residents of Tower C2, SRS Royal Hills, Faridabad Haryana, to mark the 75th anniversary of Independence Day. A grand event spread over three days, inspired by the “har ghar tiranga” initiative started by the hon’ble PM of India, was centred on supporting a not-so-common social cause.

Ruchi Gautam Pant, a society resident, created a team of volunteers from her tower. A total of 20 people, including 14 kids aged 4 to 14, constituted the team. Ruchi organised a “tiranga” making activity in which, over a 3-hour workshop, the team crafted more than 80 Indian Flags.

The team of volunteers, mainly young children, went door to door & distributed the handmade “Tirangas” among the residents of the society and collected donations for the cause of promoting the basic sanitation needs of underprivileged girls.

Ruchi & her husband, Gautam Pant, promised to double the total amount collected from the residents in the name of Pinkishe Foundation and dedicated the donation to their daughters – Aarika & Anha.

A total of Rs. 8421 was collected from the society. The Pant family graciously doubled it to a sum of Rs. 16842/-, an amount good to take care of menstrual health and hygiene education and free sanitary pads for thirty-five girls to take care of their periods for twenty-four months.

The cheque was handed over to Mr Arun Gupta, Founder of Pinkishe Foundation and his daughter Khyati, who were specially invited to the society by Ruchi & Gautam Pant to celebrate Independence Day with the fantastic team of volunteers who conceived and executed the wonderful & noble initiative.

A lot of excitement, traditional welcome, flag hoisting, poetry recitation & motivational talks marked the event. Pinkishe Foundation honoured the volunteers with the ‘Period Warrior’ badge and distributed goodie bags.

Mr Arun Gupta wholeheartedly appreciated and thanked the volunteers and residents of the society and motivated them to implement the “Kaagaz Ke Pad” program in their society to take care of the sanitation needs of female workers of the lower strata working in and around the society.

Excitement is still in the air of the “SRS Royal Hills, Faridabad, for a noble cause beautifully served on a special occasion.

Pinkishe Foundation thanks Ruchi Gautam Pant and her husband Gautam Pant for setting shining examples for everyone. They beautifully showcase that small positive changes made by ordinary people can bring about significant changes.



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