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Sara Arfeen Khan is a multi-faceted personality known for her various TV shows like Dilli Wali Thakur Girls and movies like Total Siyapa. In a TEDx Talk video, she talks about her shattered dreams but not giving up. Through her talk she inspires Ruby Tyagi and all other women to imagine, have courage to believe and achieve their dreams"

One late night Shalini Kashyap, our dear Chief Editor, shared a link to the YouTube video with me and told me to watch it. To be honest, I was not much interested in watching a half-an-hour-long video as I was rather watching Raazi with my sister who had come to stay over for a weekend. But then, because I love Shalini so much and I knew it would have something to do with the magazine, I told my sister to give me some space and let me watch it in peace.

To my surprise, it was a TEDx video where the speaker was none other than Sara Arfeen Khan, the celebrated actress, blogger, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. I was surprised and delighted at the same time, for I love Sara Khan and certainly her husband Arfeen Khan! Yes, both of them are an amazing couple. I got this golden opportunity to listen to both of them live a couple of years ago—I met and talked to them too! Though I am sure they won’t remember me, I admire them so much since I listened to their inspiring words at The Secret Millionaire Blueprint seminar.

At the event, Sara Khan was an exuberant woman standing beside her husband, talking about becoming better, innovating, and revolutionising, about believing in oneself and one’s dreams. In the video, she talks about her journey from being a daddy’s girl born in a beautiful family to becoming an independent, courageous wife and an actor. In the video, she talks about her endless dreams of becoming an actor, a dancer and finding her prince charming while she was growing into a gorgeous young lady, and then, her dreams getting shattered…at various points of time in life!

She talks about her anger and hurt when her father took away his life, because he was cheated by his business partners and about losing her self-confidence when the couple had to abort their twins, for it was dangerous to her life. She shares how she felt being deceived by God when they had a car crash—Arfeen snapped his collar bone and she busted her ankle. During all these tremulous times, she felt miserable and thought, ‘Life isn’t fair!’But then, as she says, ‘I was my dad’s daughter and Arfeen’s wife; I couldn’t give up. I needed to give myself a chance.’ She soon enough got her first debut show,Dhoondh Legi Manzil Humein, and her own vanity van! The destiny found her again!

In her talk, she shares how she found herself in her vanity van when she had to portray four different emotions—anger, excitement, sadness, and romance—for four different shots, in a single day. explains how women control their emotions and how they can manoeuvre that power to remain cheerful. She speaks how women are gifted with decisiveness, strength, and intuition and emotional connection and how they can use that power to dream as big as they want to.

Sara’s life journey had been a roller coaster ride, with its rises and falls and after listening to her, I realised that she is right—life indeed is both scary and exciting at the same time. It is important that we must not become victim to our circumstances, but make choices, strong choices. The beautiful, high-spirited lady, who loves eating sev puri and pani puri out in Mumbai streets, inspires women to dream and make something out of life. She inspires me to unwrap and unbox and let those hopeless feelings fly away. I must create my dream, my vision, and my big goal. I must dream, believe, act, and achieve. After all, I am not afraid, I AM BORN TO DREAM!

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