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Free Sanitary Pad Donation & Menstrual Literacy Workshop | Meerut | 29th Jan 2023

" I'm not allowed to do any household chores during my periods. My husband won’t even take water from my hands in those 3 to 4 days. He says you are dirty, so don’t touch me. He believes that even my slightest touch will make him dirty as well", says Maya (name changed).

Women continue to live with shame, embarrassment, and social discomfort during their menstruation, as menstrual blood is considered a dirty, polluting, malodorous substance. For most women, menstruation continues to be a two-fold battle, one that involves their body and the other that requires society.

A menstruating woman is considered impure, dirty, sick, or even cursed, but none of these beliefs are correct. Periods are natural and normal for women. Society uses these myths to stop women who are having their period from taking part in various social events.

Pinkishe Foundation stands for eradicating the stigma and taboos around menstruation, which holds back women in society, by investing them in feelings of period shame. We are also trying to address the problem by increasing women’s health and hygiene awareness. Therefore, a Menstrual Literacy Session was conducted by The Pinkishe Foundation and volunteers by samaritans All Around ngo, in a slum area of Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, on 29 January 2023, also the reusable pads were distributed with the hope of changing attitudes and changing lives.



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