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Free Sanitary Pad Donation & Menstrual Literacy Workshop | Meerut | 04 May 2022


Block -Meerut (Rural) 4th May 2022

On 4th Of May, BRGs of Meerut (Rural) block, Dr Kausar Jahan and Smt. Rubina Rehman gave Menstrual hygiene training to 39 teachers of their block. These teachers were from 17 schools that fall under Meerut (R) block. It was good to see teachers participating actively in the workshop. Periods are normal and healthy, yet many girls across rural and urban India struggle to manage this monthly process. During this session, various issues related to menstruation (including proper menstruation hygiene management, using cloth during periods, following healthy habits, the importance of a nutritional diet, etc.) were discussed. Menstrual hygiene management education & awareness is a basic need to break all the myths and taboos from society. Ms. Poonam Rana motivated teachers to become a guide and mentor to girls in their journey of periods. These teachers trained 1093 girls in class 6th to 8th studying in their respective schools and also distributed free disposable pads provided by P&G to every girl. We also believe that the roles of teachers are essential in providing the required psycho-social support for their students. They shared their first-period experiences and the difficulty they faced due to lack of awareness. We are thankful to all the people who participated in this session. Pinkishe foundation looks forward to many such collaborations in the future to bring about necessary changes in society.



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