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Free Sanitary Pad Donation & Menstrual Literacy Workshop | Delhi | 8th Aug 2022

Army Public School, Dhaula kuan Session 2 8th Aug 2022

Pinkishe Foundation conducted a Menstrual health and hygiene workshop for the girls of classes 7th and 8th in Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi on 8th August.

Even though these girls had basic knowledge about periods, there were still many things they were unaware of. Our facilitators, Ms Manju Mann and Ms Shalini Gupta, discussed the proper methods of usage and disposal of various Menstrual products. Girls shared their first-period experiences, and an important thing that came to light was that even today, most mothers don't give prior knowledge about periods to their daughters. Some girls shared that periods came to them as a big shock. One girl said she thought she had blood cancer when she first saw blood on her underwear. Another girl said that she thought she was going to die.

It was heartening to see girls opening up and talking about periods freely. Such workshops aim to start conversations around periods and normalize the whole process.



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