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Free Sanitary Pad Donation & Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Workshop |Saini, Meerut |14 April 2022

Date: 14th April 2022 Venue: Saini Village (2nd session)

Educating women about menstruation is a step forward in bringing within themselves a sense of pride.

Pinkishe Foundation conducted a menstrual literacy session for the girls of Saini Village. Girls were totally unaware of female anatomy and the functions of different reproductive organs. They were curious to know and asked questions related to periods and UTI infections. They absorbed all the information shared by our facilitator about menstruation and promised to spread this information further among their friends and family.

This session was indeed a great success. Free reusable sanitary pads were distributed to all the beneficiaries. They were made aware of the right ways of using, cleaning, and storing reusable pads. Reusable pads are the most sustainable solution to manage menstruation.



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