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Free Pad Distribution & Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Camp| Bharog Baneri| 4th June 2022

Sakhi program

Block - SARURPUR, Meerut

On 30th April 2022, Pinkishe Foundation conducted a training programme with the help of our Basic Resource Guides (BGRs) Smt. Rajesh and Smt. Sarita Yadav, we were successful in providing education to 1185 girls across 24 schools in the Sarurpur block. Male teachers refused to participate in this session as it was believed by them that menstruation is not something related to men; it is only related to women. One of the main objectives of the Pinkishe Foundation is to break this reluctant and patriarchal mindset of people toward menstruation. Female teachers came forward and shared their personal experiences with the students. Efforts were made to destigmatise the process of menstruation and make women understand the process better. This also motivates people to start healthy conversations about periods and menstrual hygiene. They also appreciated the initiative taken and the training done by the Pinkishe Foundation.


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