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Updated: May 5, 2020

Since I was a child, I was taught to respect my mother and father equally. It was my mother rather who played the most important role i.e. holding things together. She has been the glue that keeps everything and everyone just in the right place. We looked up to her as the power incarnated. While dad ran business and took care of the financials, Mom had her own authority to exercise in all household affairs and so did our grandmother. The trend has been kept alive in the household. I respect my wife, love her, trust her enough to never question her or raise a doubt Vis-a-Vis her household abilities, expenses and the like. If she sacrifices certain comforts and aspirations to give quality time to kids, parents and conjugal bliss, so do I. It's not between a man and a woman. It's between two partners that have vouched on family peace and harmony.

Our cinema, internet, social media and the entertainment industry has actually served to be the last nail in the coffin of our old age culture and morality. We, as parents, would love to see both our son and daughter to grow up into fine human beings and this is irrespective of the gender they belong to.

The education to women does not exclusively mean that she works in the Govt. sector, private sector or the corporate world and brings home bread and butter. In my opinion it also implies that she's enabled to take decisions, look after the off springs in the best way possible, aids her life partner in day to day life and also carves out a way in the most crucial times, is reposed and rational a being. Arranging the finances, understanding the savings, pension plans, insurances, SIP, property investments etc. and liabilities like home loans, car loans, children education loans, in short, understanding how to milk the resources and avail the policies taken or combat tough times, is, what comes to the responsibility share of an educated woman.

Starting from the central unit of a nuclear family, moving on to the extended family, society and the country as the picture is zoomed, availing the best one could, is also an art only an educated mind can do. What's otherwise the use of having amassed material gains not knowing how to use it for the good of all?

The moral deterioration, the disorientation of family system, is telling upon our values and is a big menace as we can foresee. A woman, the backbone of the family, can make it or break it. An empowered woman here is a great asset.

I would like to cite a personal instance - when we were recently in the process of making our dream home, my wife, kids including my daughter, came as the greatest support. We discussed things amongst ourselves like four equally empowered beings irrespective of our gender or age, understood the needs, wants, means and resources and finally did succeed to chalk out a way to procure the best we could at the most reasonable a costing. People watch this dream project of ours with adoration and the compliment they pay very often happens to be - ‘This looks like a love project. ‘

I and my wife serve as directors in our Pvt. Ltd. company. Whatever be the day to day business activities, future plans, recipe plans, packing material plans, business expansion plans and price plans- undergoes mutual counsel and lot of consideration behind the scenes.

What gets on my nerves actually is that our Govt. is aspirant to place women on the higher most designations but there are questions raised regarding the remuneration paid to women, in your own company! If she, as a co-director, is one of the signing authorities and guarantees the bank loans, industrial laws, she too is putting her means and life as a whole, on the stakes and the stakes are very high. Despite the risks taken, the income tax authorities raise a finger against the remuneration and perks paid to women. I don't find it justified.

Casting a glance at the present scenario, I would like to assert that allowing for certain families, certain rural pockets of the country, where there still are atrocities exercised on women, there is definitely a brighter picture of the society we should be proud of.

Men and women are treated equal, sons and daughters are loved equal, given equal opportunity to grow and chisel their respective dreams.

The laws however need to be bias free, have to be gender neutral so that none can milk them for their vested interests.

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