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I have my own dreams and my own desires. But what if … “ these are the words I must have spoken many a times to myself in my own personal space. In fact, human mind is such an amazing piece of work by almighty that one can easily set it to flight mode and it lets all the dreams flow in without interruption.The dreams which, we see with our wide open eyes.

Do you have a dream? Something you always wanted to do or may be something you found out now and realised that this is what you are passionate about and you must pursue now.

Have you ever caught a sight of shooting star? A sky filled with twinkling little stars and suddenly, you see a sparkling star floating downwards. You stare in amazement, cross your fingers and before you could wish for something, its gone. And you desperately clutch on hands and stare deep into the sky setting up a goal and hope to catch another wishing star to make a wish. You wait and might wait for few hours and often leave it for some other starry night because it does not seem to be happening then.

Perhaps this is exactly what happens to our dreams. Sometimes we pursue till we achieve the set goal and sometime we leave it in between because its too difficult to achieve.

Dreams become difficult to achieve when we get confused between dreams and aspirations. When we aspire, we know the route, we know that there is a definite path to achieve that. We can see the target and know how to get there with our efforts. Like, my aspiration is to write a novel. I know what I need to do for it. I must acquire writing skills, I should be writing and then heading to a editor and eventually a publisher. With right approach, I would have a novel in my hands.

After watching grand Oscar awards on my TV, my dream or my fantasy could be to see myself on red carpet wearing a beautiful gown, flashing cameras and collecting an Oscar trophy for best actress. !!! But how do I realise this dream as there are no definite pathways.

The dream might come true (may be I need to reinvent my interests, I might be into acting) I might start learning acting and then might pursue it and eventually be a right place at right time or this dream may just die down due to lack of definite direction. Likewise, my dream could be of fixing every problem with a magic wand. But where do I get this magic wand from?

Yet I would dare to dream because dream has no limitation. It can motivate one to do something which others put it off. Dreams fill our lives with meaning and inspire us to set the goals. Hence its important to have these dreams.

There are many do’s and don’ts in our life but our age can never be a barrier to our dreams and aspirations. Any one can realise its dream/s, if they focus on a few things…


You should know, what you wants to do or achieve out of it. Also that why it is important to you. This would help you set the momentum.


Be passionate about your dream. When you believe into your dream, your heart races extra mile to motivate it. Keep that fire burning and the target /goal would never be too far.


You must have a confidence in its capacities and do all the research and immerse fully into the information. Most important is that it must excite you and the people around you too. The easiest way is to quit when path is difficult. This is when a dream dies. A faith and confidence in your dream would help you to beat the obstacles which often come on the way.


Don’t dwell on those lost opportunities. Revisit your dreams with new direction. Ignite that old fire, recharge your energies with new knowledge and meaning.


Surround yourself with like minded people. There are many who might have the same aspirations, dreams and goals. Their positive energy, vibes and beliefs contribute to sustain the enthusiasm for achieving the target. Don’t stop dreaming for what people would think. Your dream could be big or small. Your dream could shape a totally new You. So keep dreaming to realise your aspiration


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