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WE ARE OFTEN ASKED TO DREAM REALISTICALLY. Let me tell you, dreams do not have boundaries, so don’t even try to box them up. Dreams are a medium to cherish one’s life and existence. A person becomes of what he dreams of becoming. A person achieves of what he dreams of achieving. If you can’tdream about it, even though how unrealistic it is, you won’t be able to work oreven move in that direction.

In order to understand the periphery of dreams in human minds, 20 females talked to me about their mind sets. The small research study coversprimarily 3 major age segments, 18-25, 26-33 and 42-53 years; and ratio of married to unmarried women rounds to 50% in each category. It is so delightful to see that people of every age want to work towards keeping their dreams alive and achieving their goals. Dreams form a major part of one’s life.

Let me take you to a journey to realize your dreams, step-by-step. Let us try to dream with our heart and define means to achieve them.

The foremost step to keep your dreams alive is to love your city back, the way it has always loved you. It is said that the city you have been born in, holds a special place in your heart.You will generally have fond memories of your native city or state. That acts as the onset of dreaming. You are free where you live. You know the place, people and food well; you know how to pave your way in those localities, not just geographical localities but mental contentment as well. It makes you more confident. The place where you live embraced you with open arms, and accepted you since the day you opened your eyes into this dreamy world for the first time. The fallen leaves, the fresh waterfalls, the charcoal grey roads help you to understand yourself better. Majority of women who live in a different city than their native place gave reasons of relocation as marriage (8%), their husbands’ transfer (4%) or their own jobs’ specifications (4%);but you can definitely re-live your dreams by visiting your native lands. Embrace the stickiness of its soil and feel the warmth of its air; step on its bricks, embrace the city like it once did to you. Treat andnourish it like you would do to your old parents. Just like it once defined you, you need to define it back too.

Moving ahead in the journey of dreams, the next step is to realize your aspirations. Now talking about the education as an important aspect in one’s life, women who agreed that education is the best means to liberate oneself, aspire to become leading business women (15%), want to travel the world (15%) and indulge in adventure activities (10%). Aspirations are the next step to achieve your dreams; women want to take that leap to enjoy one’s journey, no matter how difficult it may be.

Another interesting fact from the study is that before they die, majority of women want to become a successful business women and earn a good amount of money (20%), followed by travel the world (15%) and help to develop the country’s educational sector (10%), open up their entrepreneurial ventures (10%) and indulge in adventure activities (10%).

Aspirations define our lives. One can aspire to be somebody else but end up being somebody else. That is not the difference to concentrate upon. If you can mold your aspirations and be happy at the end of it, you have reached there. You have reached way above your expectations. And that is what makes the difference. But if you look at yourself in the mirror every day and feel that you didn’t want to be here, you need to re-think about your goals, or the decisions you have taken or will take in future to complete your life plans. Pick your dreams up, weave them into a necklace, it’s okay if during the process there are multiple gems and numerous color threads being used to weave it, but complete the whole necklace; never ever leave your aspirations hanging, complete them as they complete you. Run towards them asthey run back to you, every time you close your eyes.

The aspirations which women want to achieve in the coming New Year 2019 are ‘believing in self’ (30%) and ‘being self-confident’ (25%). Their dreams include becoming a ‘Being a successful business woman’ (20%), followed by ‘travelling the world’ (15%), ‘bettering the educational sector’ (10%) and ‘indulging in adventurous activities’ (10%).

The next step is towards understanding our emotional perspective – being closer to the emotional side of human nature. Being over-emotional is generally considered a negative attribute by oneself.

“Tum agar khulke ro nahi sakogi, toh khulkar has kaise sakogi”, was rightly quoted by ‘Shahrukh Khan’ in the movie ‘Dear Zindagi’. If we can’t connect to our most creative side as a human being, we can’t connect to humanity, friendship, relationships, empathy or even charity. To be emotional or even over emotional is a gift which most of the people don’t have. People feel pride in feeling they are unaffected by emotions and are too practical. Let me tell you, being emotional is a strength; a strength which lets you look into things from a fresh new slate. Emotions mark a journey of so many forces mingled together into a perfect rainbow of sentiments. But, the question is do you waste your time, resources and energy in stressing over other people? If yes, please don’t call yourself an emotional person! You need to identify your emotional target. That target has to have the right balance of opportunities for your goals. Try writing or drawing something when you are overly happy or extremely sad; you will realize that there is strength and power in it. There is no harm in crying your heart out whenever you feel like it. It helps give away bad energies and attract positive synergies.

Also, one needs to understand that being creative does not necessarily point in the direction of working professionally, but also in the way our daily routine or personal lives work. The women who said their dreams help solve their real life problems creatively are strongly or somewhat over emotional. We need to understand that being over emotional is not a negative aspect of one’s personality, rather a positive one, which helps in understanding the nitty-gritties of different kinds of problem solving situations. Being logical and serious doesn’t always solve the problems my dear friends! You need to open up to your creative side to be able to understand the real meaning of life.

So go on and live the life the way you want to, dream the way you want to and work extremely hard to reach where you want to be. Things won’t come to you just by dreaming, and waiting for the dream to materialize into a reality. Things will come to reality when you start working in that direction. Just don’t lose yourself along the way. Remain who you are and work towards improving yourself and cherishing every milestone that comes your way.

The idea of making the country a better place is something that has crossed everyone’s mind always, but working towards the cause of it is anther ball game. Majority of the women who aspire to ‘believe in self’ and want to have higher ‘self-confidence’ want to better the education system in terms of working for a social cause. Believing in education and actually working towards it to help people grow and understand the value of being aware and educated is something these women have made up their minds for.

The last step in understanding our dreams is to understand that no matter what, working hard is the key to success.“Karm karte chal, fal ki chinta mat kar”. Majority of the women who felt working hard is an important aspect to reach somewhere in life, want to be professionally stable and travel the world. Women want to splurge on themselves is the new change in the boxed life she has been living since eternity.

But at the same time, it is disheartening to see that still 30% of the women who believe in hard work, feel they won’t be able to achieve their professional goals ever. My question is why? Until and unless you believe in yourself, you won’t be able to assess your way ahead. Maybe you do not get to achieve the 100% of your dreams, but by believing in yourself and your dreams, you will at least be 1% closer to your dream before you plan to give up. Won’t that already be a success story?

Lastly, Dreams make your thought process a reality.

Let a lion dream to become a mermaid!

Let a scientist dream to become a monkey!

Let a tree dream to become a billionaire!

Whatever you dream, the whole world conspires for it to be a reality, or at least people start talking about it and understanding the pros and cons for it to become a reality! Sometimes, you need the people around you to talk about your dream, so that it looks achievable. So never compromise on your dreams, cherish them, talk about them with others, maybe they give you some advice and POP! your journey starts again!

Dreams give a greater sense of superiority. I can tell you a

fable knowing it’s not real, but you can always believe in it by the way I tell it. So always tell your dreams with such reverence that the people around you believe it, so that by the end of the conversation, you also believe it to be true and work towards it to make it achievable. I want to eat a chocolate, but i don’t have it, but I can dream of having it, and eventually somebody might gift me when I tell people about my dream. So dreams, however small or big, are achievable only when you and the people around you believe it to be true.

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