Cuttack | 6 June, 2020 | Sanitary Pad Distribution Camp | Menstruation Support | Period Talk

To bring smile to those who are in despair and to provide for those who are in need of the basic requirement of life, i.e food, medicine and of course sanitary pads, one of the most important ingredient to maintain health and hygiene of the women, is the noble responsibility of all fellow humans. Cuttack Pinkishe warriors took all the safety measures and supplied sanitary napkins to those women in need.

About PadBank

Under this program, members of Pinkishe run PadBank branches across the nation from their homes and other places and our volunteers distribute Sanitary Pads free to the needy girls while enhancing their awareness levels on the subject of Menstrual hygiene. It’s a unique initiative and will hopefully create maximum positive impact on the society.

In the process, awareness sessions are conducted by qualified doctors and our volunteers to enhance their knowledge about importance of menstrual hygiene, usage of sanitary absorbents, correct method of usage and disposal and so on.

About Pinkishe

PINKISHE Foundation an “All-Women’ non-profit organization is a section 80G and 12A certified "Registered Trust". It has a large community of nearly 1.6 lakh plus women amid multiple branches across the nation. Pinkishe Foundation’s primary vision is to Impact, Influence, and Inspire the lives of Women and Girls to live an accomplished life with Pride and Dignity.

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