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Conscious parenting coach - Dipti Gala : What parents can do to raise conscious children : Pink Talk

Pink Talk !

Today's parents have a tough call, fathoming the psyche of their growing kids.

Dipti Gala is a Conscious Parenting Coach . According to her it is high time to shift the paradigm from blaming the kids and the influence of social media and the environment. Now is the time to bridge the gap and be a conscious parent.

We wholeheartedly thank our Pink Talk expert Dipti ji who talks about these important aspects of parenting through her video.

Dipti Savla Gala is a Conscious Parenting Coach. She is a certified counselor and Landmark Curriculum Graduate. Founder / designer at Confident -U (child enrichment and parenting) and Founder at Your Child - Your Treasure.

Through her own Parenting Journey she has realized that being conscious is the need of an hour. Thus she focuses on Conscious Parenting.

She is on mission to help 100,000 parents raise next generation leaders.

She firmly believes -

  • Leaders of tomorrow live in the schools of today so INVEST IN THEM.

  • It has made me a better mother and has given me the confidence to step out and become a Conscious Parenting Coach.

My goals is to become a Conscious Parenting Coach to not only become the best.

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