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Canvas painting for beginners | Wall Decor | Pink Talk | Live Artist- Suman Prasad

Pink Talk !

Suman Prasad, a distinguished artist from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand adeptly creates masterpieces on traditional canvasses and walls. She has earned several national and international accolades for her achievements in the field of fine arts and for empowering women.

Suman has a diploma (8 years) in fine arts from Jamshedpur School of Art and has been a professional artist since 2010. From 2007 she has offered private one on one and group sessions to teach budding artists techniques of basic pencil sketching and shading, watercolours, oil painting, acrylic painting and much more.

In 2016 she founded FlaminArt Academy, her brainchild, where she teaches fine art to both children and adults. Suman continues to receive the honour of judging several local and inter-collegiate art competitions on a regular basis.


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